fuck yes! preordered, cant wait!

Ordered it.

Can’t wait.

“Cause you’ll get a special treat if you do… Smile
Is that going to be the stickers/instrumentals or is it something else?

Sounds Dope! is it coming out on vinyl?


can’t wait to hear the album!!!

Done and done.

Can’t wait!!!

BSBD x CL ? holy sh**

Yes Yes Yes! Pre-ordering very soon! Is there a limited amount of pre-orders? Also is there a tracklisting or is that coming soon?

The music video is Poppin’ Fresh! Such a happy go lucky song!

I’m hella excited son Very HappyVery Happy:D

ordered! can’t wait!

and im gunna have to third the vinyl? question :P ???

shiit, I need to get home to order this…Is there a limited amount of pre orders?

Yo man thats dope and its autographed? thats sick. I just ordered the album is gonna be so crazy.

keep up the good work man



i cannot fucking wait.

ordered! can’t wait to hear it, this shit is gonna be dopee… im surprised there aren’t more comments about the video though, i love how it came out!

CL? Dope.

I hope my pre-order goes through even though it involves a lot of characters deemed unworthy of a place in the English alphabet.

FUCK YES! And BSBD? Fucking WIN!

Ordered 2 :

Pre-ordered. Can’t watch the video at work but will do so when I get home.

I’m trying to pre-order, but when I click on the button, it redirects me to an error page on PayPal…can someone help a sista out? :

^ open in a new tab.

Excellent!! Just ordered a copy. Can’t go wrong for $12. The video is dope and the features look dope as well.

what a nice news to wake to!

already pre-ordered.

can’t wait!

damn and when im skint too, orderin on friday!

done done done done!!!!!
i just can’t wait for that!!!
And i also bought tickets for Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Utrecht!!!

Amazing job on the video guys. You just keep getting better & better & better. Props to Matt Hobbs too. Can’t wait to hear the album and holy shit, ANOTHER one just down the road? You even priced it kindly during these recession times – good move & thanks.

Can’t wait to for the cd to arrive!!!!

sounds great, Slug and Mac Lethal, nothing like QN5/Rhymesayers collabs;)

there are just so many levels of awesomeness going on in this blog post. i can’t even properly express how fucking happy i am right now.

holy shit this made my day..pre-order 2 just to show the support(might buy more later)hell yah can’t wait to vibe and get high with this new shit

i think i just shat myself lol, damn soon as i move into my next place im ordering this and going to eat some brownies hmmmm

Fucking hell , got no single cent left this month.
Save one for me.
Cant even imagine what to do when i miss the Pre orders.

phew, ordered mine, I was trippin’, but now I’m happy and can’t wait to get this ish

man i hope natti bodies lethal

Ordered….bring it…


preordered it !

Never come down is dope, the video too, i was rofl watchin it for the 1st time.
can’t waiiiiiiiiiiiit.
CL=> best hh group, period.

Ordered it from another country but I have to wait about two months to hear it (shipped back to the states). Can’t wait.

Thank you! Can’t wait! Love CunninLynguists!

Ahhhh, just ordered two! Thanks for the opportunity to cop y’alls shit early once again along with incentives for doing so. SurprisedD

QN5: It’s a celebration bitches!

Just pre-ordered. I’m excited for Vol. 1 but also are interested to see what yall come up with for Vol. 2 with SEAN P and Bronze Nazareth.

The cover and the single is dope like a brownie! Cant wait for the concert in Münster, 46 days and counting! Will buy the LP there. Hope Mad Flava will design the concert poster like your cover. LP number five for my collection and number six isnt far away. Yippee-ki-yay, motherfuckers!

Can’t wait to listen to this, all the albums are fucking great. The single is dope, pre-ordered! See you guys in amsterdam 21th of april!

I got 2 of these ordered and am really lookin forward to them shipping. My birthday is March 21st… hmm that’d be a dope present.

Just ordered it.

I hope it will arrive to Hungary as well : Fingers crossed.

(and I hope paypal didn’t mess up my street address… it has some issues with accented letters – and I have some in my address..)

Finally arrived! Unfortunetly just a day after the Wien show but whatever, it’s here :

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