YES. Yes. Yes. YES! lol

Can’t wait. DTV is criminally slept on and I’m so excited for him to showcase all his talents (wonder if there will be music videos for this record he’ll do all himself as well) to the rest of the world. He’s also one of the coolest guys to chat it up with. Respect this dude in so many ways.

Blue Schoolers, we should go in on the e-promo with this.

I can’t get past the artwork. It’s beautiful. Kinda wish that was on the shirt. lol

I can already see folks getting this tatted on themselves.

Now to think it’ll be out in roughly 5 weeks… Man. Y’all got anymore of them singles?

Woah.. didn’t see this coming so soon. Awesome!

Anyone else kinda excited that they haven’t announced the Features with the track list?

Dope artwork, so hyped!

That shit sounds so damn dope. Fuckin ordered.

This announcement video made me so fucking happy. Cannot wait.

Awesome visuals; this album is gonna be dope AF.

Can’t wait for the release of it! This makes me happy

Snippets sounds amazing, artwork looks freaking beautiful, the release date only a month away… Holy shit !

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