[PRE-ORDER] Deacon The Villain - Peace or Power [LP] + Announcement Trailer

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Deacon The VillainPeace or Power [LP] // 9.30.15 // [PRE-ORDER] // ART: Michael Manomivibul

OH SWEET LORD, IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING. CunninLynguists co-founder and musical triple-threat Deacon The Villain is releasing his debut solo album, Peace or Power on September 30, 2015.
Kentucky’s favorite son is set to unleash his epic vision of multi-instrumental, slow-cooked, southern-soul upon the world with an aim to inspire and we absolutely can’t wait for you to hear it. But enough from us… let Deacon tell you himself via this nifty album announcement trailer:


You can pre-order Peace or Power right now via the handy link of PeaceorPower.com.

As far as pre-order packages go, there are 3 editions available:
1) $10 digital or CD release + sticker,
2) $30 VILLAIN pack (as seen here).

We don’t know about you, but we prefer our releases with tees and posters. Smile In the meantime, marinate on all the snippets in the video and chew on this juicy 14-song tracklisting. Be sure to pre-order your copy and spread the word.


1. My Very Flawed Theory
2. The Other Side
3. Love
4. A Miracle Exists
5. Falling Sky
6. A Better Place
7. City of Son
8. Interlude
9. The Devil & The Deep
10. Ghost’s Don’t Lie
11. Peace or Power
12. What’s a Star?
13. Little Drummer Boy
14. Marmalade