[PRE-ORDER] PackFM - Featured Material Vol. 4 (Limited Edition CD)

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PackFM – Featured Material Vol. 4 || [PRE-ORDER NOW] Orders Ship 6.19.12

We know you’re looking for your PackFM, fix, and we got you covered. We are proud to announce the 4th installment of PackFM’s Featured Material series – Featured Material Vol. 4. Featuring exclusive unreleased tracks, remixes, favorites, slept on joints, freestyles & comedy! With appearances by Tonedeff, CunninLynguists, Substantial, DJ JS-1, Homeboy Sandman, J-Live, Skyzoo and more!

Whether you’re a new PackFM fan or an avid QN5 CD collector, FMV4 is a must have. Order your Limited Edition autographed CD while you can, only 500 copies are available! (Shipping begins on June 19th, 2012)

1. To The Beat Y’all (ft. DJ JS-1) – Produced By S.2
2. Want What’s Mine – Produced By Grandriggety
3. Home Depot Is Hiring (Interlude)
4. O (ft. Mr. SOS & Homeboy Sandman) – Produced By S.2
5. Puttin Words Together RMX (ft. DJ JS-1, Substantial & Mr. Mecca) – Produced By DJ JS-1
6. Too Easy (ft. DJ JS-1, J-Live, Akrobatik & Supastition) – Produced By DJ JS-1
7. Halftime Radio Freestyle (ft. Tonedeff, Skyzoo, Torae & Sadat X)
8. Slurpee Rap (Interlude)
9. Shut Up And Rhyme (ft. Substantial & Mr. Mecca) – Produced By S.2
10. That’s What Happens (ft. Tonedeff) – Produced By Algorythm
11. The W.W.K.Y.A. Tour (ft. Extended Famm) – Produced By Kno
12. Crazy – Produced By Granriggety
13. Cold Season – Produced By Falside
14. Hypnotized (ft. CunninLynguists) – Produced by Kno
15. Once You Go White (Interlude)
16. The Pick Me Up Song [Beat Borrowed From Hi-Tek]
17. Danny Glover (Interlude)
18. Luther (ft. Deacon The Villain) – Produced By Deacon The Villain
19. Hit The Breaks RMX (ft. DJ JS-1) – Produced By Granriggety