I’ve really just been in a stunned haze since I learned about it yesterday. Functioning as we all must, but my thoughts have been with PH and his family.

All his music I’ve accepted into my life, his countless performances I’ve seen from the Lion’s Den to Southpaw to anywhere there was a mic in NYC, and the pounds he always gave with commanding force and the best intentions. These were my experiences in PH’s vicinity—as someone who simply existed as a fan on the peripherals of the scene. And his passing is impossible for me to grasp.

If my thoughts are this strong as someone who wasn’t a close friend of Rob’s, then I believe it speaks volumes to his legacy. To me, it only further validates all the anecdotes shared by people who were in his circle.

My deepest condolences to his family, both immediate and extended, and everyone who mourns this loss.

i’m in tears (laughter) over pack in the “gordans fisherman jacket” and the “pack of fish sticks in his pocket” lol this is the shit i’m gonna miss the most man.but it reminded me that it doesn’t end here.

that footage along with the countless hours of wisecracks and jokes Rival, PH and myself shared en route to shows and back home is what will keep my spirits up, this helped a lot tone and i thank you for this, it was put together beautifully


This is truly shocking news…
My thoughts goes to all his family and friends.

Nice write-up Tone. I share very similar sentiments to what Amen said. I’ve met PH on the periphery numerous times and he was always a very amicable dude. It’s been a very sad couple of days since hearing the news for me as a fan…I can only imagine as a close friend and comrade. Sad

It’s a testament to what a great guy and how talented he was that my social media was blowing up with people posting about this who I had no idea knew about him. I didn’t know him well and hadn’t seen him in years but he couldn’t have been nicer when I talked to him at shows or just bumped into him around the city back in the day. RIP PH Sad

Pumpkinhead was a great person and will surely be missed. I’ve been a huge fan for nearly 15 years and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to see him perform live more times than I can remember. Out of the 100’s of artists I’ve seen perform or met at shows, etc, Pumpkinhead was without a doubt one of the most personable and humble of them all. From conversations outside of Fat Beats during Rock Steady to designing a mixtape cover for him, I’ll always treasure those memories. He never hesitated to come over and say what’s up or show me love anytime I ran into him at a show whether it be in NYC, Boston or CT. It’s amazing to see all of the people with similar stories about him and just goes to show what a great person he was and what a huge impact he made on the hip hop community. My deepest sympathies to all of his friends & family. I look forward to the memorial show and will do what I can to support!

Shocked, I wish his family and friends the best.
I’m gonna save my Pumpkinhead story for myself, the brief 10 minutes after a show really changed how I connected with hip hop culture. Thanks man.
I got ‘This is Not a Tyler Perry Movie’ up to the top page on Bandcamp through multiple buys. Gave more to the memorial, but figured maybe some kid might see it on the top at Bandcamp and get moved the way I was almost 15 years ago. Peace.

Just got my donation in. Really glad to see lots of people contributing to his family.. just wish it could’ve been under better circumstances.. RIP

I feel like there’s a lot of talk in HipHop about “the state of the culture” and whether or not any true progress is being made, are the elements being respected, is HipHop “dead” and the works..the debate never seems to settle.

Well if you ask anyone who had the privilege to witness what PH contributed to the culture on a constant basis, there is no debate: the answer is simple, his reputation speaks volumes about how one individual’s efforts pushed the HipHop culture forward immensely.

Just from a head’s perspective, PH was on Immortal Technique’s “Peruvian Cocaine” for starters, which is essentially the underground equivalent of the Juice Crew’s “The Symphony”.

Quite literally one of the last rap battles I watched was PH Vs. Madness on GRINDTIME NOW no less, which is a testament to PH’s personality in my opinion; Even though GT isn’t considered the dominant battle league it once was, he still puts it down whatever the forum. And his battles were always entertaining. I think it goes without saying that PH battled anyone from Thesaurus to Dizaster to Dumbfoundead and this was after he wwas judging battles years prior before most of the cats mentioned had the reputation they got overtime. He’s one of the only battlers/rappers in the history of rap music that I know of to take a punchline that would defeat most cats (Dumbfoundead’s infamous “King Latifah” line) in battle and spin it into his own rap song..I’ve never heard of that being done before or since. I could go on about PH and what he’s done to and for the battle rap culture but I’ll just end it by saying he provided a haven for fans and active battlers, and a platform for building other cat’s careers in a way that I don’t think anyone else has done before or since, or is even capable of for that matter. I never got to see a live show, listen to his solo tracks, or meet the man in person but look at how I can say he influenced music being merely an observer..I think this says a lot about who Pumpkinhead was and I hope to those who knew him personally this is a worthy tribute..rest in peace.

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