dude i thought i was just getting old. “ do ya momma proud take them thangs two sizes down” -andre 3000


Well played, Pack.


I see you Pack, chillin’ around the house with your pants on sag. But pullin’ them shits up when you’re in public.

The “fashion” with them hanging lower than your ass cheeks reminds me of something K-Fed would do.

hahahaha oh god

Hahaha, what the frizzuck? Please pardon my ignorance, for I am a mere fisherman living in the outskirts of absolutely nowhere, but is this actually a fad now?

Ridiculous, that’s the word right there.

I prolly wear mine like the 3rd photo but I always keep that covered up with my shirt.

In prison this behavior is like an offering. < TRUE SHIT! ll

Did not know it came from prison. Learn something new everyday.

Hey, Stan, in gay male culture it’s an offering. I feel in any culture it’s in bad taste. I mean, I sag maybe below the waste, but going below the ass is a bit much.

One of my roommates wrote a blog about a guy she knew that would sag his pants like this. She said this little phrase to him: “Spell ‘SAGGIN’ backwards and tell me what you get…”

I hate the word, but the answer is something to think about…

…and I’m talkin’ all people that do this, not just my Black folks…

^^^ Word! We tell that to the young guys we work with all the time about “SAGGIN”.

^^NOW i learned something new today.

Yeah dudes should keep there pants up. Ladies, just take em off. Get at me.

That thing about taking away belts is actually a myth.

In reality, it was letting all the other gay inmates know that you were available. And if you wore your pants beneath your ass, it meant that you were already somebody’s bitch.

And my sources are directly from someone who was a Prison Guard for 4 years and I trust this source with my life.

Now… with this said, do you REALLY want to go on sagging your pants?

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