[RECAP] The QN5 Megashow 2011: Evolution Master Set List: A Decade Defined In 100 Songs

Posted 9 years, 2 months, 4 days, 18 hours, 12 minutes ago

Pages 2 & 3 of our 4-page set list. We’re nuts. You’re hardcore. | PHOTOS: Loren Wohl

For the record, we performed nearly 100 songs at the QN5 Megashow this year. That’s right. We’re not saying we’re out of our minds for doing that many songs in one night, but we’re not claiming sanity either. It was the only way to top 2009’s Megashow and give all the fans flying in a little bit of EVERYTHING. It was a ridiculous undertaking, but we knew we had to deliver for y’all.

The idea was simple: Show the fans the complete evolution of QN5 CHRONOLOGICALLY through our most requested songs. It was a brand new format and we’d need to interchange the artists and sets frequently to pull it off. With 10+ years of albums, singles, mixtapes from 6 artists, we spent quite a bit of time figuring out exactly how we’d pull it off. In the end, we came up with a 102 song set list that would span the length of our history. We kept the openers to a minimum with our patented “Song Cypher” format (if you ever see it again at any show. you know where they jacked it from) to keep things moving briskly and started the show far earlier than any past Megashow.

Natti looks on as Session re-learns every verse he wrote pre-2005.

We had a 12-hour rehearsal the day before with everyone in town (sans Kokayi & Substantial) to get the transitions down, go over old tracks and rehearse certain songs for the first time. There were a lot of “First Time” performances, including “Slogans (2003)”, “Monotony (1996)”, “Georgia (/2008)” and more. It was a great vibe of camaraderie to have everyone in the same room again and the interactions are always hilarious. After all, we’ve spent the past 10+ years in different states, pushing towards the same things and we wanted to give the fans the best possible show they could ask for. We have plenty in common.

We also pooled our ‘crowd-killers’ for a section we called “MURDER”, where we did CunninLynguists “Hellfire”, Tonedeff’s “Issawn” and PackFM’s anthem “Stomp” back-to-back-to-back before leading into an intermission. It was brutal. And you loved it.

PackFM doing what he does best.

Unfortunately, the weather fucked us over and had us start an hour behind schedule because folks were stuck in traffic, etc. We ended up having to cut the entire “FUTURE” segment of the show in order to get the exclusive Chico and The Man premieres and performances. We sacrificed an entire 20+ minutes of unreleased material from all the artists – even the “FUTURE” introduction sequence we had shot. (We’ll post it later in the week if there’s enough of a demand for it).

All in all, we think it worked out nicely and hope you enjoyed it. So what DIDN’T we perform? Download the original set list [HERE].