Amazing show pack! Nasty went off as expected! All us Adelaide fans want you and qn5 back again real soon!!!

DAMN! I’m so jalous of you aussies!! Can’t wait for the day where I get to experience that sickening amount of energy he brings to his shows! Smile
I’m lighting a “morning-after-the-amazing-show”-blunt for all of you guys, while listening to my Pack collection..

Good shout oz, keep it up!

Thank you Australia for putting Cali to shame. Desperately want more PackFM shows out here but disappointed in the turn out Sad

was that a new IFHR shirt? Congrats on finally going to Aussie Land QN5!


that acappella - snippet of something new?

that acappella - snippet of something new?

Someone needs to revisit the IFHR B-sides Wink

Happy to see Pack doing shows out in Australia. Hope the upcoming shows go well.

I totally thought that was a new verse too for a few seconds. lol

I’m comin for Houstonz’s QN5 throne.

“Someone needs to revisit the IFHR B-sides “


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