Sounds like it was a great night regardless. If I lived in the same country, I would have been there.

Looking forward to this video footage + also, this exclusive 2dopeboyz track.. how do we get hold of this? Wink

Yeah, this sounds like a real cool night.. Any word on when the track with tone’s coming? Smile

Looking forward to the footage Very Happy

Wish I could’ve been there. :/

Definitely sounds like a good, good time.

reading this makes me feel like it happened in front of my eyes, like i co-experienced all that you, PackFM, went through - the tension, the excitement, the enthusiasm, the fatigue, the worry, the joy of fulfillment. i’m eagerly anticipating all the upcoming stuff.

Have you still got copies available on IFHR.com? I was just going to stick with the iTunes copy but ive decided I want a physical as well

Have you still got copies available on IFHR.com?

Yup. Go for a RAGE Edition.

Congrats again my dude! It was a good night!

wish I could have been there
anyone who was in walking, driving, public transportation distance of getting to the show, but didn’t is not cool in my books

Yup. Go for a RAGE Edition.

I just went for the CD. I bought my first car this week so i’m a little short of cash. Just spent my last £10 on it though lol. Looking forward to it arriving Very Happy

Already got the cd but I’m gonna buy a rage edition on Thursday when I get paid so I can stop using my autographed copy.

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