[RECAP] Tonedeff @ ‘Last Band Standing’ Finals

Posted 13 years, 3 weeks, 1 day, 23 hours, 18 minutes ago by Tonedeff


I fuckin WON, son!!! This shit is fuckin Banoodles!

I’m incredibly fuckin AMPED right now. I’m in Chicago, I’m using the hotel’s PC to get to y’all right now. I just had to come through and show love to everyone for all their support, man. I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that was down for the kid when I needed the support the most. Every vote, every shout of encouragement and every hand in the air is what pushes me daily to do this – and here we are…another battle won in the war to break this label.

I’m out here with Pack & Mrs. Deff. We got here yesterday (it was abusively hot here), and I was literally running on about 1 hour of sleep for the past 2 days, getting everything ready, packing, planning, etc.

We checked in to the telly and immediately went over to Gino’s East Pizzeria (an old favorite of mine — Chicagoans know what I’m talkin about). I tried to sleep for an hour, woke up…had to go to Soundcheck.

We get there, and we hear the one of the bands, The Appleseed Cast (Check them out – they’re FRESH) from Kansas dropped out cause they had a tour conflict. So that evened out the odds to 4 bands as opposed to the originally planned 5. Soundcheck was running about 2 hours late, so we set up.

It’s kinda funny playing with other rock bands…cause them muffuckas come through with Vans full of equipment – guitars, amps, keyboards, drums, etc. Shit literally takes them dudes 30 minutes to set up….and here I am with a discman and a CD-R asking for 2 Mics. I could tell the club’s engineer was kinda “eh” about my setup… but fuck it… I couldn’t afford a DJ to come out with me too. hahah

Anyway, we setup and then broke out to the telly. I managed to “kinda” sleep for a an hour then I realize that left my videocamera on stage during soundcheck – so Mrs. Deff was pulled through and set out to retrieve it in a thunderstorm. (She rules). 8 o’clock rolls around and I had to get up again and get ready for the show, so I shower/shave etc…

We show up at the spot and there’s literally no line at the door… So, in my head…I immediately think…“Aww, man this is gonna be thin”. But then once we walked in…. I realized that there was no one outside cause everyone was INSIDE. I’m talking PACKED the gills. I love a good crowd…shit gets people like me & Pack amped, cause crowds are our bread and butter when we perform. (Anyone who’s been to a QN5 event knows what I’m talking about).

So, we hit the stage @ around 10 PM… Do the damn thing like we always do the damn thing. [Peep A Video Clip Here]. I don’t know if it was the amount of people in that muffucka or if the club wasn’t running A/C in that bitch…but MY GOD. It was even hotter than CBGBs @ The Megashow (WHOA). RIDICULOUSLY HOT. I was DYING up there hahah. My clothes from last night look like I went swimming in Lake Michigan while fully clothed – it’s insane.

It was beautiful to see a good amount of Blue Schoolers at the spot, cause the majority of people there were certainly there for the local Chicago band in the competition (It was also Free Admission). Y’all definitely held us down and showed mad love when we were rockin. I say it all the time – Blue Schoolers are the best fans on the planet – THAT’S REAL. I really believe that helped put us over the edge with the judges (especially the “Issawn” Mosh Pit).

We hop off stage… Mrs. Deff pours ice cold water on my head and I’m literally steaming from the heat. We catch our breath for a bit while the final act rocks. After which, the club ran this “text” voting competition for the audience to choose the Runner-Up. The local-band (The Cankles) took the Runner-Up position (they were mad cool and actually knew who Pack & I were…so that was tight).

I hung around the merch table with Mrs. Deff & Pack while they announced the Grand Prize winner. I literally held my breath… and when they said “And the Grand Prize winner of Lollapalooza’s Last Band Standing Competition is…….. Tonedeff!” I lost my fucking mind. I started jumpin around and smacking walls like a fuckin mental patient set loose. I gave Mrs. Deff a huge smooch and Pack was goin ape shit.

It was seriously an amazing moment and I’m hella excited to play Lollapalooza! MY FIRST ROCK FESTIVAL Y’ALL!! May there be many more to come! [Coachella here I come!]. Honestly, I’m really amped to have an opportunity to connect with some of these bands. Those who follow the “More Music Like Gathered” thread, know that I listen to my most of the cats that are playing the festival anyway… so it’s a beautiful thing.

Originally, (short on cash), I had to book Pack a room at this 1-star hotel near O’Hare Airport for the weekend… but now that muffucka gets to stay in the lap of luxury @ the 4-Star House of Blues hotel. If he don’t pull some rock-coochie this weekend, he needs to get dunce-capped. Wink

So, here we are… I’m gonna be doing an In-Store signing/performance @ Virgin Megastore here in Chicago on Friday (8/4) around 1:30 PM. So, if any Chi-town heads wanna roll though… we’ll be there.

We rock on Saturday morning @ Lolla (11 AM)… and they are offering 1-Day-Passes @ the gates, so if anyone wants to peep the show…come on through and show love. We love to have our people there with us.

So…WORD! that’s what’s up so far. I’m video-bloggin all this shit for y’all, so when I get back…I’ll whip it together for y’all to see for yourselves.

In the meantime… I’m off! Spread the word y’all. let’s milk this shit for all the pub that it’s worth.