[EXCLUSIVE] Sheisty Khrist & LoFidel - Cold Winter - Full LP Remix by Dr. Dundiff

Posted 5 years, 5 months, 2 weeks, 1 day, 12 hours, 47 minutes ago

Holy shit! So, it’s Record Store Day and this dude Dr. Dundiff remixed Sheisty Khrist & LoFidel’s COLD WINTER album IN ITS ENTIRETY. Like, what the fuck?! This is awesome. Director Landon Antonetti put together a video to show you the man at work and share some of his process and motivations behind the remixes. Talk about exclusives. Phew! Below we have a note from Sheisty himself about the release.

“Historically Record Store Day releases have produced albums by mega acts and even lesser known independent music acts. What is missing from these releases are what one might call Uber-Underground acts. Record Store Day is just as meaningful for underground acts as it is for major acts. Lofidel and I decided long ago that wanted to add our own contribution to Record Store Day. We partnered with a fellow Kentucky producer Dr. Dundiff to remix our COLD WINTER album in its entirety.

The idea was to take an album that people already relate to and allow them to hear the album in new ways. We accomplished this. To sweeten the deal we even put together a cassette with a ‘lost” album on it for all the analog heads. That cassette and another special bundles will be available for our fans exclusively on our Bandcamp page. We hope that people support our endeavor and that other Uber-Underground acts such as ourselves follow our lead”
– Sheisty Khrist