OMG, i hate living in scandinavia right now! Sad

Well… Blaze one for me and enjoy the show! Very Happy

Goddammit. I saw New York and got realy excited. You win this time DC.. but we’ll laugh last when the megashow comes around. lol

It’s too bad, my birthday was yesterday. A surprise Kokayi show would’ve been the perfect gift

Awesomeness that its free.. This is gonna be a dope show

i told my DC friends but they’re being lame.

the pains of being 18

The pains of being in Cali

THE SHOW WAS GREAT!!! substantial and kokayi killed it last night

Yeah, anyone with the opportunity to be told about this show and then NOT go is a LAAAAAAAAME. I would’ve been at this with the quickness.

I really wish I could go to this.

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