[SHOW] Kokayi Showcase @ SXSW - 3.17.11 (Austin, TX)

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Catch Kokayi’s SXSW Showcase @ The Scoop Inn (Austin, TX) (3.17.11) | [

So, you’re shambling around Austin, TX in a drunken haze during this year’s SXSW and you’re craving an amazing performance, but are so numb from the 1,000+ competing bands trying to get you to come inside to watch them play that you can’t see straight. You check your shiny new iPad 2 for a clue as to what to see next and you’ve land on this page. We tell you to go see the incomparable D.C. talent named Kokayi (or however the fuck you say it), and considering our track-record in the past, you decide to go on good faith. Besides, you kinda liked that song with the Chuck E Cheese robots and you loved his QN5 Megashow 2009 performance.

You show up and it’s packed. You sit through a few more boredom inducing ‘Me-Too’ acts and a couple actual entertaining ones and you’re about to head back to the hotel for a nightcap with that psuedo-slutty UT co-ed you picked up in the cowboy boots and ‘Dilla Changed My Life’ tee. You check your watch and it’s 10:30. A portly gentleman steps on stage and soon as he belts his first note…you’re hooked. It’s KOKAYI! And he’s killing it! You’re floored by the range – the on-point stage presence, the pitch-perfect singing, the raw QN5-energy level. He sets the mic down. You give him dap on the way out the door and pick up a copy of ‘Robots & Dinosaurs’ on CD.

Once you’re back at the hotel, you pass-out naked on top of the slighty-slorish UT chick. You wake up, rip the CD to your iPhone and set off for the airport. You hit play and remember your tremendous weekend as you soar through the sky. And then you remember you didn’t wear a rubber. Ooops. At least you saw a great performance.

Thursday 3.17.11
Audible Treats Showcase:
@ The Scoot Inn
1308 East 4th St,