ugh, you Americans get all the fun!

Damn, it sucks to be broke - AND live in Denmark!

... and PLEASE visit something closer to Scandinavia ASAP!

Hah, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The very next day, I will just have completed my journey from Norway to Cambridge, MA. Goddamnit. Should be a blast for whoever’s lucky enough to be going though!

3 in a row! Awesome! Anyone else?

I can go again if you like?

Haven’t seen the dude in a minute. May actually hit this up from Jersey.

3 in a row! Awesome! Anyone else?

Fuck Pack’s show. I wouldn’t go if I lived INSIDE the club and his dressing room was my toilet.


The only way I wouldn’t go is if I was under 21 and couldn’t get into the club…

@del preston ditto….

@del, thats what fake ids are for

Anyone from Long Island wanna rock it with me?

ill be there….buy me a drink my birthdays tuesday!!!

I’m going

I was waiting to see Cannibalistic Incorporated Fam at the bottom of the flyer. I really hope they’re part of “And More”

as much as i would love to fly to the east coast to see this, when is pack coming to the baaay? QN5 gotta do a west coast tour

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