Copped. On repeat all day long. This record hits hard. Loving the raw and fierce MarQ Spekt’s flow. Have no words to describe the beats. Another gem in Kno’s portfolio.

I have just sent 5 links of this to 5 of my friends in 5 minutes. Don’t say I don’t love you guys.

Everyone else - 5 friends in 5 minutes. Get on your facebook/twitter shit! Very Happy

Than more I listen it the more I like it! Really hard choose fav track. All beats sounds dope.
And I don’t understand why some people don’t like “Roadhouse”. I think this beat is raw!

Facebook status’d

Please tell me Kno’s gonna drop the instrumentals!!!

This is definitely unique, marq Spekt has a different sound to him I’m diggin it. He’s so gritty and raw his voice fits with this album. I feel like he’d attack me through my headphones with a bloody machete haha

Top Back is an illlll song. The album though is solid and the ‘meh’ reception to something like Roadhouse is absurd. Spekt’s second verse has some nutso breath control.

Shared with the network. This will definitely hold me over.

the whole album SLAP’S!!!!!! I want No i Need a physical copy of this .... its just not the same feel with a digital download

This album’s dope.The Devil and WikiLeaks are my favorite songs on it so far after one listen,but the whole thing is good.

Listened to the whole album on my way to work this morning. May be a different sound from Kno but definitely still a dope album !

Nice drops on pay day copping when I get home from work

Been on repeat since last night. Beats are sick and the rappity raps are on point. Can’t pick a favorite. I would also like to purchase a couple physicals and instrumentals Wink

both on some shit…

Really fresh, like nothing Kno has done before. Highly recommended for all hip-hoppers.

I like the fact that every time we see a cd that Kno has produced, it’s a completely different sound than the last. You never know what to expect, you just know it’s gonna sound great. I got myself a copy, but I really hope to get a physical copy if one becomes available.

Finally got to listening to it tonight, this project is yet another GEM.

One listen through and I’m very impressed with the true-to-hip-hop sound Kno has crafted. This sounds like everything that is good about rap, and is a knew direction for Kno. MarQ Spekt is not bad but he’s not the reason we are all gonna love this record.

Amazing, blowing up Facebook as we speak!

Really diggin this. Most highly repeated songs for me are Royal Peasants, Opium Den, and Wikileaks. Beats are insane, and I like MarQ Spekt’s versatility. I can’t wait for the physical to drop!

This album has a very different “sound” to it…At first I really didn’t like it that much but as I kept playing it I found myself enjoying it more and more.


wooow finally got around to listening to this a few times in a row while paying attention (had a lot of other new albums to hear first…)

god damn its good.

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