dope beat! soulful yet eerie; dirty yet expansive

music video concepts’s a tad ironic though, amirite?

it’s crazy how easy it is for this girl to get into the news

I usually avoid listening to Mrs. Crackhouse, but I really enjoyed this. Much to my surprise.

Might there be a (legal) way to obtain a high quality version?

Co-sign on the download post.

She would come out with an “I Love Black People” video after the song she got caught singing. Ah well, bigot or not, she makes very good music. Download request thirded.

The beat is dope.

She looks so much better then. So much talent, but she chose the wrong roads in life.

one of my favorite amy tracks, and i love amy.

Thanks Y’all…This remix is scheduled to be on a movie soundtrack coming soon…

Haven’t heard the original but that was well done Domingo!! Thanks for the first Amy Winehouse song I ever listened to all the way through.

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