damn. i need to get to another show…

Dope video, nicely edited. I’ll most definately be there again when you come to Amsterdam in the future.

Hello guys!
I want a blu-ray/dvd of one of your show ! Or a live in brittany in France !
Any news about Chico and the Man project?

Any updates on SJV3?

Ulti Join date: January 13, 2013. That explains it.

I love how people scream at the first two notes of a song.
@Ulti Yeah another frenchman (or frenchwoman) ! Welcome to the community.

The best way to have updates as soon as they come is to “like” the artists’ pages on Facebook or check the blog and forums regularly.
Also listen to the Tacos and Chocolate Milk Podcast hosted by Tonedeff and Pack Fm, I’m sure they’ll talk about any updates as soon. (Plus it’s really fun to listen to)

Sorry, I certainly wasn’t clear!
It’s been a long time I listen to CL and I know that the next album is SJV3.
But Chico and the man is the project that I expect the most(like you certainly ? ^^)
Oh and yes I have to listen to Tacos and Chocolate Milk Podcast, in order to improve my english ...

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