[VIDEO] I Am Many - “More Black” [Directed by: Gee Notes]

Posted 8 years, 4 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, 3 hours, 12 minutes ago

I Am Many – “More Black” [Produced By Logik Proof] | [BUY ALBUM]

For the grand finale of QN5 Affiliate-Week, we bring you a monstrosity of a music video.

I Am Many brings us a look into the world of BDSM and Fetishism with this ground-breaking video for the Logik Proof produced “More Black”, taken from his new album S.I.N. (Strength In Numbers), which is available now on Amazon & iTunes. We’ve been warning you for some time now, that this dude is on some next shit, but it wasn’t until now that he’s finally begun to marry his agressively futuristic-schizophrenic sound to an image – and it’s a dark, dirty place, drenched in sin. We hope Hip Hop is ready for this, but frankly, Hip Hop could use a good spanking right now.

The New Album: S.I.N. (Strength In Numbers)

S.I.N. (Strength In Numbers), is many things, but it is not complacent or fearful of judgement. It looks the devil in the eye, shakes his hand with the left and stabs him with the right. This is pre-Giuliani New York City music – made of crushed bits of razor blades, MDMA and a ‘fuck you’ haircut. Aggressively based beats sufficiently slathered in Many’s mechanically precise staccato flow, exploring the many deserted corridors of Hip Hop’s alternative future. Logik Proof samples the sound of synthesizers grinding through a garbage disposal, layering it a heavy dose of 808 bass and snares that make your nose bleed. This is the sound of Bay Ridge Brooklyn in 2022. The inevitable digital drowning. I Am Many will be your captain if you’d like to stay afloat.