[VIDEO] J-Zone - “Gadget Ho” [Dir: Kevin Young]

Posted 7 years, 1 month, 2 weeks, 4 hours, 57 minutes ago

Eccentric production genius and QN5-affiliate J-Zone is back with a brilliant new album and (can you believe this?) his FIRST music video… ever? Peter Pan Syndrome is Zone’s first new album since 2006’s instrumental outing, To Love A Hooker. A sonic tour deforce that doubles as a dusty sample-tapestry and a showcase for his original self-played drum breaks – all processed and recorded with broken equipment – the new album is a focused effort exploring life as a rapper AFTER the buzz dies off. Seriously, some of the beats on this are jaw-dropping and if you were slick enough to pre-order, you managed to get your hands on the instrumentals.


If you’ve read his gleefully entertaining 2010 book, Root For The Villain, then you’re familiar with the motivations behind songs like “Jackin For Basquiats”, “Trespasser” and of course the lead-off video Gadget Ho“” (see above). The purposely low-budget video was pulled together by Kevin Young and it’s stays true to everything that we loved about consciously ultra-ignant rap music.

In a time where the term “independent” is being thrown around by major label acts as a marketing ploy, J-Zone is a truly 100% DIY-style artist who’s been bringing us his unique brand of humor and truly one-of-a-kind production directly from his studio to your doorstep. So, please show your support by sharing the video and picking up a copy of the new album now.