I’m putting my fist through my door if this shit isn’t in my hands on monday…well maybe not through it but I’ll close it REALLY hard.

I’m glad us fans, had a bit of a push to get Kno to release this album. I really like how he said that he had something to say, so he rapped and if people don’t have anything to say keep quiet.

kno is spot on in this
also Death is silent is pretty much one of the dopest albums I have ever bought.

damn, death is silent really is one of the dopest albums ever. i want that shit on vinyl sooo bad, but i heard kno sayin somewhere on qn5 that a vinyl production deal is too expensive. but man, that cover art, that sweet sweet music. i am so glad i am alive at this moment in time to witness this music. so good that this kentucky boy didn’t get himself a tractor but an mpc (or whatever he uses)...and also good looks on the foreign exchange beat in the beginning of the video. i luv f.e….

Looking forward to 2037…kno’s next solo album AND Chico and the Man

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