Can’t wait to get the album Friday and bump it throughout the weekend!

Can’t wait for the next inside-vid!

Good thing I ordered another copy last night.


Nice. Insight on the meanderings behind the music are always interesting to me.

QN5 BTS video is always awesome.

that was pretty cool, looking forward to friday. I dont think most people are anticipating this album as much as they should

OK.. can the album come now!?

even hearing the instrumental to Autumn Rules has got me going crazy for the rest.. when are we supposed to be getting the pre-ordered copies?

Not soon enough

that was pretty awesome.

“I’ve been called everything from weird, to strange, to unusual… everything but what I always wanted to be called: musician.” —DJ Quik

fuck boundaries!

What great video..It really makes me want robots and dinsaurs even more….Ever since hearing him with the ceasarz I’ve been feaning for more kokayi

Hurry up Friday, I’m dying to hear this cd. Does anyone know if R & D will be available to buy on ughh or anywhere else unautographed? I know it weird but I really want to put this cd on my shelf and I always seal autographed cd’s no matter how many copies I get.

word to the wise!

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