this is nice, love the chorus. Kokayi has this unique style in production can’t wait for robots and dinosaurs

hot vocals from kokayi!

I think I liked Kokayi’s and Chris Keener’s work the most pertaining to that.

Pretty awesome track put together in 12 hours or so! Craziness.

Excited to hear more about R&D next week…

someone sounds like John Legend, I’m really diggin this track. Tabi is definitely someone people have been watchin to see which direction he goes. Kokayi is bringin the good ish…

pretty cool song/video. looking forward to RND!

Looking forward to Kokayi’s stuff but for some reason “rapping” and “tone deaf” come to mind and no I did not spell that wrong.

very cool. i’m excited to hear more from kokayi


The DMV area is just stacked with talent…

Seems like everything will be flowing until the end of the year for QN5. We’re in for a treat. Smile

Cool shit.

Amped for Kokayi’s R&D!

i really dont dig the rap… it seems utterly simplistic and boring… but video and beat are nice!

loved the video and concept.. so mad i didnt catch that performance.. but if qn5 does more stuff with Alison Carney i would def digg that.. that girl is MAAAAD talented

That’s a really nice song. would appreciate to here more of kokayi in this one, but i guess i have to wait for his Robots & Dinosaurs to drop…
The drums in this beat are absolutely amazing!

Tight song from Kokayi, but the rapping just was not good. Not good.

kokayi’s voice is crazy awesome. i have been looking forward to seeing more of his shit every since Knowus Mayne. I like Alison Carney Harmonizing.

I’m definitely feelin’ the hook; Kokayi and Alison Carney go together like_________ and ________ (insert any analogy you’d like)!! Beautiful work, Koke.

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