Great video to go along with one of my favorite songs of this year. I can’t wait for the update. IFHR is still in steady rotation on my Ipod, after a year and a half.

damn man i love it this video is fresh

It’s just me or sound in video little stammers?
But anyway dope video and great track. Hope we will get more info about album soon.

love this song, video plays fine for me

Pack’s the man. Great video, keep it up!

really liked the effects in the vid. Very well done to all involved!

niccccccccccce. wasn’t expecting this.

Droppin surprise bombs on the fans. Lol at the blurb about pancakes.

I really like the video. And the song is one of the most played for me these last few months.

Ah hell yeah. This video is proper

Play this song on turntable all the time and most people seem to dig it

Dope video.

Wasn’t really feeling this track when it first dropped a couple of months back, but listing to it again definitely liking it.

Re-watched the video and saw something funny. At 4:12 a man on the right like “WTF?!” Smile

its sad to say this but why did DRAKE rap over the same beat 3 months before pack FM did ? i aint hating im just saying.

he did? same beat? naaah

my bad its a little different but i dont want to post the link

Awesome video, very nice little surprise.

Excited to hear about THHR.

who product this sick ass beat?

Someone by the name of Grandriggedy.

Its produced by me!! Grandriggity. Shame my name ain’t even spelled right.

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