I very much approve of this message.

I like this idea but yall get a FAIL for not using the letter U. who the fuck are you trying to sell these shirts to? Grow a fucking pair or don’t use “curse” words in your designs. sorry.

definitely a rapper


Cool idea.. Hope there’ll be some good responses. I might throw something together, though I don’t think it’d be that good.

LOL.. He bashes your courtesy and apologizes at the same time haha…

Good message, a video submission will be coming!

Sounds tight, I might just have to give this a try!

I F*cking Hate Rappers!

Good idea. Who’s the comedian in the clips on the video?

^Steve Harvey. Those clips are taken from the film “The Kings of Comedy”, a very nice touch if I do say so myself.

I’m definitely gonna throw a video together over the next couple of days…. I love Hip-Hop but I fucking hate rappers!

The comedian is Steve Harvey…But uh…I F*cking Hate Rappers

^ I hope you’re kidding.

Steve Harvey

Nice tee, just might get get one;)

@bkbs: The asterisk (*) is kinda QN5’s “logo”, so i wont say its more censorship than it is representing :

“@bkbs: The asterisk (*) is kinda QN5’s “logo”, so i wont say its more censorship than it is representing”

This guy knows whats up.

Ha ha ha. Steve Harvey FTW.

and yes, the shirt is awesome
will definitely get one


Shiiiiiit, I probably won’t enter the contest but I’ll definitely buy a t-shirt when they go on sale!

By they way, where can I buy that fitted hat which PackFM is wearing? The one that says FM? If those were on sale I think they would sell pretty well among qn5 fans..

I am loving that shirt, I’m gonna have to wear at any hip hop show I go to and watch the puzzlement of those who read me shirt, “why does that black guy hate rappers? He looks like one”

For real though I’m gonna have to compete for the video rant because as much as I love lyrcists like those in QN5, I can’t stand all of the Yung, Yun, Young, Lil’, Rich, such and such’s of the hip hop world.

Does MooseShirts ship to Europe? I was wondering cause im definitivly too lazy to get into the contest (excuses, excuses, excuses lol) but shirt needs to get bought regardless.

I fuckin hate producers… fruity loops casio keyboard clicks-n-whistles-ass producers

Ya’ll should check out D.C. rapper Costello he takes it back to that real gangsta rap straight out the street I fucks with that niggas music

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