the download link is broken and youtube is blocked at my work. grumbles at not being able to see QN5 goodness til he gets home

Damn, Damn…Damn… this shit came out dope! well worth the wait, i’ll definitely be putting my requests in, this needs to be on tv

dope video!!!

Congrats to Senor Substizzle. Video came out fresh. Props to Matt Hobbs who only seems to get better every time out the gate. Killer shit. Let’s get this fucker on TV.


This song is one of my favorite songs EVER, of all time, not joking. And now I have an awesome vid to go with it. LOVE.

I’m so getting butterflies knowing that I’ll get to hear it live tomorrow. (You hear that Stan? You’re gonna have a problem if it’s not on the set list. Trust.)

That was fuckin awesome…

I know i’d complained, but that was well worth the wait.

beautiful cinematography and locations… damn.


damn, that video has me zonin out wondering if it’s love

High Five for Jesus!! Thought I’d beat you to it, Stan…

This needs to go on VH1 Soul and BETJ! Shoot the J…shoot it!!!

good shit, my favorite song off sacrifice tbh

1. Shit is DOPE AS DOPE CAN BE! Damn I’m hella feelin’ the video

2. They just had to show the kicks in the first scene lol

3. I’m about to bite Stan’s style rockin’ the button up under the t-shirt.

love it (too)

I will actually watch a music based TV channel if this comes on.

supefresh video. much props to all involved

Great video and song. Well done all around.

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