Anyone else NOT able to watch the video?

Video works fine for me - might need to disable an adblocker? This was a dope story/feature on tone though, definitely some nice exposure!! Hopefully there will be more stuff like this soon to spread the word!

awww yeah! Great to see Tonedeff getting some exposure! So cute with the glasses! ;D
I see pack in the back too, lol. two peas in a pod

Tonedeff’s Focus Method Explained:

“My name is Tonedeff, I am the CEO and founder of QN5 Music; rapper, emcee, producer, singer-songwriter, designer and insomniac.”

I’m an insomniac because I’m up all night watching porn.

“My best tip for being productive is to turn off Facebook and all social media.”

Internet porn is so readily available I don’t have time for anything else.

“Anytime I wanna procrastinate, or not get anything done, I will…the first thing I’ll do is either hop on Facebook, you know, check my brand page or whatever it is, and/or tweet. It’s just, it’s a horrible time suck.”

Speaking of suck…all that stuff cuts into my porn time.

“When I turn those off I’m basically forced to confront myself, and realize that there’s something that I want, and in order to get what I want I have to do something I don’t want to do.”

I force myself to watch gay porn. It puts me off, and I can once again concentrate on the task at hand.

“And once I can, like, muster up the confidence to do the thing that I don’t want to do and I get over that little hump, I’m on a roll from that point on.”

Little hump. Big hump. I start thinking about humping again. Even the gay porn doesn’t work.

“It’s like, this little mental game you have to play with yourself as a creator.”

I masturbate…a lot.

JUST JOKING! Pretty insightful and I actually feel the same way with what I do. (At the very least I provided the transcript for you.)


PS. I procrastinate with QN5 Music…

@Nino - You have problems, bro.

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