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Deacon The Villain offical “deacon is underutilized” thread

why is it that deacon is so slept on? he’s probably the most talented mc on the label next to tone?

I hereby declare my position to have deacon release a solo album by the end of 2007.

court ajourned.

Deacon is one of my favorite emcees, period. Plus his production has been a part of some of the dopest shit (imo) from QN5.. Clik Clak & Spray RMX & OG, Mind Won’t Behave, Take Me Back, Woodgrain, etc.


deacon is probably my favorite qn5 emcee, so i’d be more than super elated to hear more of his solo stuff.

I don’t think Deac’s that slept on.

But I agree that a solo album would be really dope.

Why solo when you can just add the best producer of all times and make it a Cunninlynguists album? That’s the only reason for not dropping a solo album, I guess, he sure as hell got the skills for it.

because he’s also a dope producer in his own right!

Perhaps. But still not touching Kno.

Deac is a dope producer but I prefer him on the mic instead. I got to admit that his discography looks really impressive, some of my favorite tracks. I really hope that he releases Hell & High Water , been waiting for it for a long time.

Cinematix is my favorite track atm

its tru….every 1 is so n awe of tha production that they sleep on dude….wats good w/ him tho??

Cosigned… I been dying for the Deacon solo album since i first heard him


So I’m pretty late on this whole Pre-Op thing but

Fraud Felines….is one of the illest beats I’ve heard…this year….straight up

Mucho Props Deacon

yo I heard some of Deacons solo shit i thought it was real bangin. I would buy a deacon solo album if it was real southern funky outkast dungeon family vibe.. Thats what i want to hear from him

Disgustingly talented.

He makes it all seem so effortless on the mic, he’s a phenom…and why there are hardly any threads about his music in this forum is beyond me.

I would love to hear a Deacon solo track but I would go a long way before I say that Deac is slept on…hes a major part of Southern Hip-Hop, thats something you cant achieve if you’re slept on in my opinion