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QN5 MEGASHOW 2007 (8.10.07) The Adventures of V, Nino and El Kay

So Nino, my brother and myself are on our way to LA for the megashow and there immediately is a 2 hour delay on our initial flight to Midway, Chicago. We’re here in chi-town right now just to learn that our 8:30 flight leaves at 1:30 am…..this means we’re going to actually get to LA at 6 am Friday.

At least we saved a night of hotel costs since I decided to wing hotel reservations….holla

Good luck to the motherfuckers coming in tomorrow (this means you olskool) may be a long long day

stay tuned for further updates….we may be here long enough for this shit to be a blog

hahaha dayummm

good luck to all the travelers

Word we shoulda went to San Jose…that flight left on time…

Crackberry update #1:

V’s looking for a hotel now…ate at harry caray’s…pasta salad is crack!

Flight still looks like past 1:30.

i HATE the aiRlines lately. when you get home. complain. tell them there was a show & shit. if you make youRself heaRd you get treats. i did.

QN5 Blog said:[Pack

Keef update #2

This is balls

or in the words of Ron Simmons…....... DAMN

let’s hope i dont have the same fate

Update #3:

Flight’s at 2:15 now.

No sign of tone & pack.

Update #4:

This fan blog is in full force bitches!!

Flight is now 3:15…we might be able to possibly make the show. LOL.

whats the cause of the delays?!?!? you need to find this infoRmation out. and cant you guys get on a diff flight?!?

What is the point of airline schedules? Jeez. Nothing but problems last year too.

Well they got another plane to take us….departure time 12:45

We’ll see if that sticks…..Midway can fuck a goat

fuck i wish i went to cali

Ya’ll need to go up to the counter and lay the smack down on their candy asses.

Update #who the duck cares:

At lax. Almost 3 am la time.

LAX = good news

Moderate delays on my flights… second one left 10 minutes late but somehow arrived 30+ minutes late… then I stood at the baggage claim for another 20 minutes waiting for the carousel to move as the crowd around me appeared to collectively fart. When the carousel finally moved, the main belt up top broke so all the bags jammed up… waited another 10ish minutes as they piled and backed up. Watched in horror as some airport dude climbed up and started throwing the bags down. (I had two cameras, including a big ass Nikon and lenses in mine.) Finally get my bag and see that it is now an awkward trapezoid but the cameras appear to be okay… Also see a note saying TSA has rifled through my shit.. everything’s out of order.

Meanwhile Toby’s been doing laps for an hour-plus outside waiting. (Thank you SO much.)

Still, this trumps sitting in the Cincinnati airport for 12+ hours last year then going straight from the plane to the venue lookin all greasy and smelling like travel and funk.


See yall tonight.

This is still balls…..

i want some flapjacks and bacon… Shit

The updates continue:

Its 5 am…we got a hotel while we were at midway…check in isn’t until 1 PM.

Sleeping in the car tonight folks…goodnight.

Ps: we’re assholes with this blog…ha ha

fuuuuuuck, that sucks. you guys can take the beds tonight.

8am…. We’re at ihop… Sleeping in that car was bawls…. Imma get my motherfuckin flap jacks n bacon….


you kno. some hotels do allow you to check in eaRly. you should have attempted that.

ya’ll are nOObs @ traveling. no?

phayde said:Meanwhile Toby’s been doing laps for an hour-plus outside waiting. (Thank you SO much.)

hahahahahhaa, when i first read this i pictured Toby runnin around the airport because he was so anxious for the show, hahahahahahahaha….then i realized he was in a car, waitin to give you a ride to wherever, hahahahahaha, wow.

this blog has been pretty entertainin; for some reason, all three of you chimin in at different points is crackin me up.

L rocked the bells, DMC rocked cazals wit shells
skill mattered, fuck your rims and your record sales.

There’s a long post v typed yesterday continuing our adventure and its the funniest yet, however the wifi he’s using for his laptop is ass and its too long for my blackberry. We’ll post again when we get good wifi.

Btw - the other adventure theads have nothing on us son…jesus.

Btw - megashow was worth it all…bitches.

im adding myself into these adventures because i was a delayed part of the group.

yay for my flight on sunday night gettin cancelled and not leaving till 11 am on monday. i guess that means i didnt make my class on monday hahahaha.

huge thanks to V for cutting his night out in half just to come all the way back to the airport to pick me up after dropping me off a few hours earlier. you rock.

staying in a hotel with V, keef, and nino is by far the most entertaining thing to do in LA. (kidding, kinda…i really did love LA, but these guys are so much fun). awesome trip!

did anyone NOT get fucked at the airports?

^^ Ha ha…it’s ok…I kept trying to say “prophessah” nino…“prophessah”...etc, etc…but I sounded like some crack head…

Very cool to have met you though…and for your speaker dance with Erica.

Anyway…just got back from LA about an hour ago…mad fun recap from our trip…plenty more to add…hopefully Len will update…if not I’ll get to it in a day or two…

chris said:did anyone NOT get fucked at the airports?

Alot of sexing going on there, huh?