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QN5 MEGASHOW 2007 (8.10.07) :: Official Megashow VIDEOS Thread ::

Post your videos from the Megashow here!

None: You are the best.
Thank you!

Thanks for posting the videos None.

awesome videos!!

loved seeing ef@mm together again, the line drop performance was siick! and…was it just me…or was session having a bit of trouble with his verse to FYIRB?

the crowd looks pretty sedate the first few vids… finally pick it up a lil tho in the others. THanks a lot for puttin em up.

oh wow, i love the baby/be free video. that performance looked awesome. thanks for all of them though!!

No problem, I suck at photography (especially moving objects) so I figured I’d take some videos (and even though I will never be a great director, I thought I did well with what I had). Plus it was mainly for those who went and want some nastolgia and show people a bit of what they missed.

Dope stuff None. I hope someone has videos of the transition from The Gates to Hellfire because that shit was bananas and cats here would love that.

yeah, i hope someone got hellfire and fifth gear. Fifth gear was an amazing way to start it off with everyone running on stage for their verse, it was ridiculous

Oooh, Fifth Gear must have been incredible.


Fifth gear was the shit. Pack FM’s Stomp had everyone going crazy.
I think some official vids should be showin up. I saw some professional looking cameramen filming all night.

I hope they post some of the vids they had on that dvd during the show posted online. The intro video for the megashow they had tonedeff do was hilarious, and the chocolate rain ending was some funny left field shit.

I would die for them to release a megashow dvd. Seeing how, once again, I was not able to make it to the show. Sad

Yeah I would have gotten Fifth Gear and Gates/Hellfire but low battery and shitty position to do a good shoot.

And they should sell the DVD for $500. Wouldn’t you rather see it live? haha

Ummm, yes I would have. I just didn’t have $800 to drop to get air/hotel/ride/tix. I tried, and I could have come up with the $600 for air, and I tried to see if anyone here would be willing to pick me up and stay at their hotel room. I had no takers, and couldn’t come up with another $200.

I’ve seen plenty of Concert DVD’s, so it’ not like it’s unheard of. If there is no demand, I can understand not doing it, as it wouldn’t be worth the time or money to get it done. But if there was enough interest wouldn’t it be nice for both those who went and who couldn’t go? For those that went it would be a nice keepsake and to remember how dope the show was. For those that couldn’t make it, they would atleast be able to see the show from the comfort of their home.

I Hope Someone Got Seasons. But These Are Sick, I Wish I Could Have Been There… but Yeah.

szabo said:I Hope Someone Got Seasons. But These Are Sick, I Wish I Could Have Been There… but Yeah.

click one of None’s vids, then click his youtube username to see all his vids. He has Seasons.

My question is whats with session slippin on FYIRB was his mic fucked up?

given the choice between which was more fucked up, session or his mike…i would have to go with session

Anybody have any clips from the Mr. SOS set?