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Tonedeff All Auralaria better get they replys on….

Now that Tonedeff-inite has secured distro for QN5 music, We are ANOTHER step closer to seeing this LP we have ALL been waiting for. ARCHETYPE will finally be seeing the light of day. And it will be in CHAIN STORES and all that. With this in mind, I find it very important that all of you get buisy recruiting everyone you know to become a true Auralarian. Play them Hyphen or Underscore, Get them into this music, Tell them about the website. Tell them to post on the forum. Those who dont normally post here (and just browse threw posts) get registered beeyatches!!! Lets all pull together and get as many people as we can into Tonedeff and QN5 music, Cuz simply if each of us gets at least 1 person into this music to the point they will actually buy these records when they drop, the movement is gaining. Lets do this thizzle


Re: All Auralaria better get they replys on….

there better be some pussy in it for me <img ALT=“hat”>


Fuck that I’ve been converting heads for about a year now…..I’ve brought people to tone’s concerts and every one of them were amazed…..they keep askin me to make em CD with just tones shit on em and i promptly send their asses to fat beats lol…..but its cool…..i visit fat beats every so often so i just cop it for them…but i ain;t dubbin shit….i tell em to support cuz it ain;t garbage like 95% of radio (cmon i know ya’ll feelin “Milkshake”)


The pussy is at the shows mang!!!

and im glad to see people gettin into this shit man, good music deserves the recognition

I dunno bout the song but that video for milkshake is kinda <img ALT=“eek”>

Re: word….

man, i like milkshake. not when shes goin “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”, when she sings it nice. she got a good voice. her cd is pretty good.

but OH MY could she catch it. now i love beyonce, but i think i’d take kelis for some no holds barred sex. she’s just built for it.