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Tonedeff Can-A-Bitch (canibus diss from eminem)

Eminem - Can-A-Bitch

shit’s pretty funny, but what in the sweet name of christ is that beat??

i’m not a huge canibus fan, but i hope he comes back hard.



not a huge fan of em, but that shit is hilarious.

but canibus is truely one of the most overrated emcees of alltime. and when I say overrated, I dont mean overhyped or played out. I mean people for some reason think this guy is some god on the mic and has yet to come out of his shell.

bullshit, he sucks.

oh, and em will kill him


Thank you! I’m glad someone agrees with me when i say that Eminem would rip canibus if it ever came down to it.


personally i think Canibus is the most hated on for no reason emcee probably ever. We all got different opinions, too close to call but i’m hoping Bis drops a response on some 2nd Round KO or 2000BC status. Should be a great battle if either don’t get hated on, i think both are great.


Canibus comes ill with all the sick words ect.. his style is amazin..

as for eminem????.....fake rip of Chino Xl.

sorry to people who fink eminem is god…..but he isnt…..

we all start sumwhere but their was NO NEED AT ALL for “my name is” or other sell out shit tracks…“without me”...

king of metaphors…...CHINO XL…lyrically da illest mc


Doing catchy pop songs to make a dollar has nothing to do with the fact that he can rip in a battle. I do think canibus is talented, i love the song “Get Retarted,” but eminem is just more clever and witty with the comebacks, and cani’s voice can get pretty annoying, but that’s just my opinion.

Has anyone heard that mp3 that came out a while back where eminem impersonates a bunch of rappers like 50 cent, busta rhymes, and jay-z and then disses canibus at the end??? Oh man…now THAT was hilarious. Regardless of how many records he’s sold, the man is a genius.

Re: Hmm…

I respect what chus saying…....we all have opinions here


eminem is a rip of Chino Xl…......the wittyness…..slaughtering commercial icons etc…

“You sound like me so much, i think my sperm is in your water supply”

even though the topic should be about canibus….....i believe chino xl would kill canibus and eminem both together lol




Nah fuck Chino XL..hes just a retard LOL..he says stupid shit…
Eminem isnt in any way like him…
Canibus is a good Lyricist but he always talks about the same fuckin shit all the time..and it really isnt about much. People seem to think hes some amazing battle rapper..why?..i think he wouldnt be a very good battler..a good Lyricist doesnt mean they are going to be a good battler.

Eminem could rip both of em…wake up people..learn ya shit.


i mean i think em is better then canibus but better then chino what planet are you from chino is way better then em but i dont think they are similar

So & So Would Beat So & So…

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Re: So & So Would Beat So & So…

/ stooooop posting that <img ALT=“o”>


<img ALT=“rollin”>

Nice one tone <img ALT=”;)”>

Re: .

i say, respect both artists for doin their thing. Canibus and Eminem have entirly different approches to rap. Eminem is an even more animated Busta Rhymes and Canibus is an angrier Pharoah Monch. Im not sayin they are worse than the other artists im just sayin its hard to compare the too.

I think its like comparing Tonedeff to Lil John. Both are rappers but one has one style and the other as a different. If you cant find something to learn from or enjoy in both artests then you are blind and unwilling to try and expand, i think. Thats just my opinion thoa.

Re: .

HAHA….that picture is jokes man!

Re: .

Why did this have to turn into who’s better than who.

I just wanna get a dope battle out of this. Last good one was Jigga/Nas.


Yeah, i know what ya sayin…i dunno, i just dont like Canibus much..his voice pisses me off so i dont even wanna hear his disses really lol. <img ALT=”)”>

the nas/jay beef was good, but nas killed him with Ether <img ALT=”;)”>

Re: .

i hate canibus, but after em/benzino, i’ll take what i can get.

and jay-z gets the last laugh due to the black album <img ALT=“p”>

Speaking of the Black Album

I wonder why Jay didn;t go with his original plan for that album by having Primo produce all the tracks and not having any promotion behind it. Yeah I know he wants to make money but shit would have been crazy if the album would have went double platinum with no video or airplay….shit would have been historic…..and who know’s….it may have been better than the version we know now since it is blasphemy to not come with your A game behind a Primo track

Re: Speaking of the Black Album

Actually, his original plan was to have 12 tracks with 12 different producers. The beats on the album are for the most part INSANE. I can’t imagine not having those Timbo, 9th Wonder, and Rick Rubin beats on there, shit is blasphemy. 9th Wonder is better than Primo at this stage of their careers anyway.

Seriously, that Rick Rubin track is one of the best overall songs I’ve heard in the last 5 years.

Re: Speaking of the Black Album

actually his original plan WAS to have Premo produce an entire album back in 1998-99 with no promotion which would be his black album… it never happened…

just recently did his idea of 12 producers and 12 songs pop up…———————————-
Dont front… you know your moms loves me…

i don’t think so

Anyway, about the topic. The “can-a-bitch” diss is somewhat clever, sounds out-dated, and the carton beat is horrid.

Honestly he can’t rip someone like CANIBUS, he might run thought a Benzino, and a ja Rule, but that’s not saying much.


There’s alot of negativity on here.

Both Em and Bis are talent, but disappointing that one is way UNDEr-RATEd and at the same time way OVEr-HATED. He must have done something right.


em is too famous and skilled for canibus to eat him up with a good diss…not only does bis have to say more disses then em used on bis but he has to find a way to get his track heard if he answers back…..

but where can i get the skit where em impersanates all those rappers?!?!

Re: yo

This just in. Diss is maaaaaad old and was never supposed to be released. Supposedely this and a few other tracks were leaked without em’s knowledge.