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Tonedeff It’s Good To Play Together

Yo Tone, next time you on PGR 2, hollerate at me. I had seen you on the other day, but you was in a solo game. You need to marvel at my savage greatness.

Gamertag = AmenIzGod

Re: It’s Good To Play Together

i keep hearing about how dope Project Gotham 2 is… I got Midnight club 2, and I find it kinda silly to get 2 racing games… is Gotham really that good?

by the way… Crimson Skies is pure sickness… the next dope online joint…———————————-
Dont front… you know your moms loves me…

Re: It’s Good To Play Together

I got Star Wars KOTOR for xmas and i put 17 hours into already, lol. This game is so fuckin sick. Best game I’ve played on Xbox and easily game of the year on all systems IMO.

Re: It’s Good To Play Together

How about Need For Speed Underground for PS2? I been hearing good things about it.

Anyway, GT3 > over any racing game until GT4 comes out


underground kicks ass, plain and simple.

Re: yo

the Crimson Skies buzz came and went. It was hot for like 2 weeks, and then Rainbow Six 3 dropped and took its shine. Gamestop’s Used Shelves are cluttered with it.

PGR2 is worth every penny. Midnight Club 2 was a dope racing game… PGR2 makes it feel like reading a book. The only upperhand MC2 has is the Nitro, but PGR2 really is an ill game.

and yo, True… i don’t EVER see you on Live. I mean… EEVVVEEER.

Re: yo

Not very big on PGR2.. yet. My girl got it for me last week, and I’ve played it for an hour or so since. I guess I don’t like it since it isn’t very steering-wheel friendly. But once I get nice, watch for me on Live. <img ALT=”)”> <div style=“text-aligncenter”>

“Don’t need a copy of Microsoft Office to Excel… Word.”
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