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Tonedeff Hypocrite lyrics

Could someone tell me where i can get that lyrics? I’ve been looking for google and i didn’t find anything. I’m spanish and i don’t understand very well the spoken english, but i would like to understand what tonedeff says on that song.


Re: Hypocrite lyrics

if you buy the album, the enhanced feature let’s you check the lyrics….. DAMN DOWNLOADER!

Re: Hypocrite lyrics

there are way too many posts like this…it should be MANDATORY for u 2 buy somethin before posting here…shit

Re: Hypocrite lyrics

I was thinking of buying things of this web, but first i want to listen the CD’s because a shipment to spain costs about 60$. Some time ago i bought an mp3 player over web and i had to pay 110$ more for the mp3. As it, i think you will understand i’m not going to pay 70$ for a CD that i don’t like.

But if my topic is so offending i will not do it again.

Thank you for your… help?


thats understandable but dont ask for lyrics on the artists offical message board when you dont own the cd


I got no idea why so many people are saying it costs like $40 for shipping and handling to their country..thats bullshit..maybe if u ask in stores around you or somethin…

i just went to store, and underscore would cost you $20.45 U.S Delivered…to spain.
but unfortunately, Underscore is sold out there lol.

Re: Hypocrite lyrics

Firstly, i say sorry again. But, maybe i can request a CD in a shop here in spain, but not the t-shirts <img ALT=”(”>

Re: Hypocrite lyrics

First, i have to say sorry again for my manners. But, maybe i can request the CD here in a spain shop, but not the t-shirts, so i prefer to buy all the things on web and compensate the shipment pay.


Yo, it aint like the kids askin for the album in 192.. he just wants the lyrics to one song. No harm in that, is there?

I would give you the lyrics but it’s too hard to decipher tone’s lyrics and I never did figure out how to utilize that e-cd shit.


Either u dont own the cd aswell, or ure one stupid person LOL…First, U Put the cd in ure computer…Lost yet?, u wait for it to load..then..u click Lyrics.
then, click Hypocrite.. <img ALT=“D”>
im out..



Re: Lyrics

uhh, you think so? you wanna come over and show me that, smart ass? I’d love for you, computer genius, to show me, cuz that’s definately not what happens. you piece of shit.

when I click on lyrics, my Opera browser pops up with nothing. I’ll close my opera browser, click lyrics again, and what comes up? another blank opera browser. now unless I have to buy special glasses cuz the text is only visible when wearing them, nothing is happening. so you can blow me, k?

QN5 ECDs & Opera

Opera is the bastard child of browsers.

I don’t know what the compatibility is for QN5 ECDs with Opera, because it’s such a non-factor for the majority of users. The defacto majority of computer users are usually Windows PC-Based and browse the web using Internet Explorer. If you’ve only got time & money to author an interactive piece for 1 audience… you’ve gotta go with what the majority has.

Our ECDs don’t work with Apple Macintosh machines (Unless they’re running Virtual PC), but the HTML portions of the ECDs DO work with Netscape. It’s basic HTML. So, If Opera can’t read directories for HTML files off a CD-ROM, then I’m not entirely sure I can help you.

You’re best bet is to right click on the ECD when you load it… select EXPLORE, and go into the file/directory structure on the disc.

Go into HTML folder, and select frames.htm. That will open the LYRICS portion of ECD.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but you’re part of a select few that only browses with Opera, which we don’t test for.


PS. ReDz, Buy the CD. [url=][/url] QN5 Music
[url=] [/url]<i>Edited by <A >QN5</A>


LOL..Settle down…
theres obviously something wrong with ure browser..the way the ECD works, any browser that is set to open html files WILL ure Opera Browser has some problems..not sure what..I Use Mozilla Firebird most the time now..alot faster than internet explorer, plus it blocks popups automatically..

Yo tone..I Noticed u forgot to clear the WS_FTP logs in some of the folders on Underscore <img ALT=“D”> lol…they dont really have anything revealing in them so its not that much of an issue, but they have no need to be on there <img ALT=”;)”>


- Demantik

Re: lol

damnnn, a buncha smart mf’s up in hurrr…

Quote<hr>...blow me. k?<hr>

<img ALT=“rollin”> I’m just glad mine works. “emcees in the kno oughta kno right now, I ain’t the typa emcee that likes to fuck around”


ok, I just noticed how corny my last post was sorry<img ALT=”“>

hey that’s the first time my signature popped up…weird

Status: Pending

Thanks to all. Finally i made the order of “Underscore” and the Tonedeff t-shirt at BPDistribution. In the web they say the shipment to Spain costs 11$. I hope i don’t have to pay more for the duty on /

Re: Status: Pending

your a good man for that…i salute you!!!