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Tonedeff New Rules

Hey i just noticed the new rules on the top of the forum….good shit….i especially love the “no excessive dissing” part…good shit yall

Re: New Rules

no excessive dissing????

now what fun is that?

so no more BigFawkinTrue and Solo45 sonning????
why come to these boards now?

Re: New Rules

Yes…True & Solo tend to “SON” but they dont ever get <span style=“text-decorationunderline”>excessive</span>. That’s the key.

We’re talking about repetetive… “fuck you faggot, die bitchmade cuntwiper” type shit that’s really prevalent on alot of other boards that are outta control.

Respectful sonning?

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Re: New Rules

damn… i got nothing left to say then…. <img ALT=”(”>

“1) No Links to Non-QN5 affiliated Music, Projects or Shows”

are we allowed to TALK about other artists, or you gonna totally regulate the boards.

Re: New Rules

^ We need some ign mods up in here. <img ALT=“p”>

Re: New Rules

I know the only reason I son Is because people break the one rule that yall should remember

Tone should add this rule actually

Anyone remember what this rule is???—————————
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Re: New Rules

*raises his hand*

Don’t Gay…

Re: New Rules

What the hell ever happened to Aura? I remember he’d get sonned more than sand in a desert… lol. <div style=“text-aligncenter”>

“Don’t need a copy of Microsoft Office to Excel… Word.”
- Tonedeff</div>


Im glad to see people pay attention to the rules <img ALT=“D”>


yo yo yo wait hold up one dinky sec.

Do I HAVE to have fun?

FUCK RULE NUMBER 3! WHen i roll thru its bidnezz, knawmean?

Just playin, Ilovya.

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