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Tonedeff So, It’s January 1st, 2004.


artistTonedeff said on :

I’m here at my machine, drinking a Pepsi. I’ve just had dinner. My girlfriend (aka Mrs. Deff) makes the best Ziti on the fucking planet. [Burp]. I saw Return of the King early. Great flick regardless of the unecessarily long ending, though. [thumbs up].

I’m here thinking about the year that’s past and what’s coming in 2004. There’s so much shit that’s going to happen between now and Jan. 1, 2005 that NONE of us saw coming. Alot of bad shit, and alot of good shit. Hopefully more good than bad.

I’m at the cusp of completing what has been pretty much the biggest project of my artistic life (ie. Archetype), and I have a full schedule’s worth of releases created by a group of incredibly talented artists that have placed their faith in my little baby-blue label. Their loyalty truly inspires me, especially considering the odss we’ve faced as a burgeoning presence on the indie scene. I feel confident that I have <span style=“text-decorationunderline”>THE Most Talented Team In The Game Right Now,</span> behind me 100%. And that’s a proud feeling.

QN5 did alot this year. CunninLynguists dropped (what I feel is) the best Hip-Hop album of the year. Extended Famm did a fuckload of shows all over the place. We made AsteriskTwo, which was criminally slept on. That record is bananas. Shame. More people need to hear that. We recorded like mad. And showcased at all the major functions (RSC, Scribble, CMJ).

Oh, yeah…I dropped another ep. hahahah.

I hope y’all enjoyed it for what it was worth. I know it’s not the greatest thing ever made, but it’s definitely not wack. In fact, it’s still better than alot of the records people are calling “record of the year” (at least lyrically). lol

This year’s been kinda low-key for “Tonedeff”. Aside from a few notable cameos, the name wasn’t exactly rolling off everyone’s tongue in 03. Why? I haven’t dropped my album. There’s no real way to gauge someone’s talent if all you have to go on are some cameos and mixtape freestyles.

There are so many misconceptions about me, it’s almost funny in many regards.

But, It’s tough to sit back and watch people make random statements about you and not be able to really say anything about it. I especially hate when people assume I don’t have any “content” in my lyrics because I SOMETIMES rap faster than what they’re used to. That’s bullshit.

Or people simply try to discredit your career because their first exposure to your work was experienced online. It’s actually pretty irritatiing. Especially when you consider that I’ve been doing this since I was 9 years old.

For the past few days I’ve been doing the mixes for Archetype, and I’m so incredibly proud of this record. It’s truly on some NEXT SHIT. And for god’s sake…if you’re expecting me to ‘rap fast’ for 16 tracks, you’re out of your fucking mind for even wanting that. lol. Instead, you’re going to get an album that sinks into your skull….rummages around in your heart…stirs your legs…and forces your head to nod.

I’m a multi-faceted artist, and I hit just about every facet on this record. It’s just a beautiful album, and I honestly believe that it’s going to change things. As to the severity the changes - I don’t know… but it’ll be change nonetheless. And that’s exactly what the theme of the album is. Change.

It’s unfortunate that so much goes unnoticed in the music world as we know it. Nowadays, hip-hop kids expect to find their <span style=“text-decorationunderline”>‘underground’</span> music at WalMart and Sam Goody. Radio Listeners believe that the only music that exists is what’s being played on the radio. MTV is well….MTV. BET is now….MTV with a tan. Fuse…..that’s MTV Jr. It’s like…no matter what you’re gonna get slept on unless you have a fuckload of dollars to spend on marketing. I know I always go back to that point, but fuck it. It’s true.

If you’re reading this right now…it’s because you embody the true spirit of hip-hop. You’ll find the dope shit NO MATTER where you have to look to find it. That’s a beautiful thing, and that gives me hope. It’s YOU that I made this new album for - you’re the audience that will appreciate the talent, time and life I put into it.

Matter of fact, that goes for PackFM, Mr. Mecca, Session, CunninLynguists & Kynfolk. All of these guys have really poured their hearts into their records that are due this year, and all of them are ridiculously good. Even though we’re “UNDERGROUND,” we still make way better music than 97% of the muffuckas out there. And I stand by that. Seriously.

So really then, this is a thank you for all your support in 2003! You’ve all been beautiful. Let’s make 2004 the best year in hip-hop of the millenium and fuck it up for everyone that comes after us. <!—EZCODE EMOTICON START )—><img ALT=”)”><!—EZCODE EMOTICON END—>

Beezy y’all!
Tone. Tonedeff
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Re: So, It’s January 1st, 2004.

Two point five questions

Out of curiousity,what are these “records of the year” that you apparently think are overrated?

and of course

How much longer til Archetype?! Can we please get a date?!


damn…im definitely feelin that shit

i appreciate the thanks as a fan…but also I feel that the fans definitely need to thank yall as Qn5…there really arent many artists/labels out there who continually are trying to elevate everything they do

music heals wounds…u really dont know just how many people u can touch with a simple beat and words

so as a fan…thank you for appreciating us all

Opinions &

Unfortunately, being a hip-hop artist, I’m not allowed to have a public opinion on any other artists without it creating some sort of “beef”. So, until I have enough money that it won’t matter what I think and who I hate…I’ll keep my personal views to myself and leave the rest up for interpretation. <img ALT=“smokin”>

As far as the LP…. release dates and Archetype don’t mix. Every time I announce a date…shit gets fucked up. All I can say at this moment, is that it will be early 2004. I’m just waiting to get a few “legal” issues cleared up, so that I can get the actual release date. Once I know…you’ll know.

Believe me. I want it to drop more than anyone else in the world. I’m sick of watching other people get on.

Tone. Tonedeff
AURALARIAThe Official Tonedeff Site
QN5 MUSICNo Rich Relatives

Re: Opinions &

Good post, tone.

I know how fucked up I would feel if I had a creative team along with me, leaking talent left and right and getting slept on because there aint no money to expose your material. Putting your heart out on the disc and later realizing that so many people did not get a chance to peep it and appreciate it cause simply they didn’t know shit existed. I don’t know, yall got us and we spreading the word about qn5 like nutella, so just keep doing your thing - good things come to people who work hard.

Good looking for all the shows, material and love yall putting out for us.



“If you’re reading this right now…it’s because you embody the true spirit of hip-hop. You’ll find the dope shit NO MATTER where you have to look to find it. That’s a beautiful thing, and that gives me hope. It’s YOU that I made this new album for - you’re the audience that will appreciate the talent, time and life I put into it.”

Damn….that actually made me smile….good shit

I feel you on the whole underground and people sleeping on some real content
Y’all are the real stuff….It’s too bad that music is the way it is right now cause if more people just take the time to explore something that isnt on the MTV or isnt on the radio…theyd see what they are missin

I’m behind y’all 110%...You all are true musicians and I’m glad that you keep makin music for us fans out here….
True musicians…the type that would rather have 100 true fans than 1,000,000 brainless ones
I respect that
stay up,
and peace easy Edited by <A >TwistedCoeus</A> at 1/2/04 1210 am

Re: Tonedeff….

I can’t wait to hear the album. You’re one of the most skilled artists in the game, strict skills, but rappers are remembered for their albums. For the amount of time you took to make it, I know it’s going to have an incredible attention to detail at the least. I’m glad you let it out now that it’s not 16 fast rapping tracks, and I hope that won’t turn away some fans.

HOPEFULLY, you’ll get some mainstream recognition with this. And if not, fuck it, you made something that YOU wanted to make, not what some suburb faggots wanted to hear.

And toss some of that ziti this way. Edited by <A >epic v2</A> at 1/2/04 1223 am

Re: Tonedeff….


I’d just like to take this time to say that you personally turned my life around, as far as music goes. My friend let me listen to your stuff, and from then on it expanded. To EF@mm, then to everyone on QN5, then to other labels. Your music turned me on to ‘underground’ hip hop. Your shit is dope, fast flows, Morethanthis type tracks, it’s all fuckin great. I’m sure Archetype is gonna be off the fuckin’ hook, and I just wanted to let you know that all the work you do isn’t in vain. You, and all the other QN5 artists turned me on to a world of music I had never dreamt existed.

That really didn’t have much to do with this, but I thought here was a good place to put it. I just wanted to thank you for everything. So, to Tone, Kno, Deacon, S.O.S. Sesh, Pack, Stan, Mecca, The rest of The Plague, and the rest of KYnfolk… Thanks.. and keep it comin.. you guys got 2004 in your reach, now just time to grab ahold of it. Peace!

good points

that was long, and im tired, but a good read, and i agree underscore is in my top 10


2004 is deff’z year…..lets make dis happen<img ALT=“rolleyes”>

Re: So, It’s January 1st, 2004.

a-m-e-n!!!!!! I hear ya tone!!!

still… da reals!!! <img ALT=“evil”>

Re: So, It’s January 1st, 2004.

Tone like I have told you time and time again, I have got your back threw all this shit fam. The support you and the rest of the QN5 team have shown me threw 2003 was something I could never thank you enuff for. I dont know if you will ever know how big of an impact you have had on my carear. Just keep making the quality music that is now thought of when you think of the name “QN5”. I am looking foward to seeing the release of some full albums from the QN5 team, I will help promote them in anyway, even if it means running up on people in the street playing them a few cuts running them to the store and making them buy it. The music should speak for itself, and I have hope that the major lables that have slept on you soon see that. You all got my blessings in 2004 I hope yall accomplish everything you want…..

And Tell Mrs.Deff I said whats up


and happy 2004 to everyone <img ALT=“D”> —————————
Solo.45 - Randomsh*tijusthrew2gether - January 04

Solo.45 - Uprise EP - Coming March 04


Good ass post….from everyone….WHEN tone blows….we as Auralarians gonna be some proud ass fuckers cuz everyone gonna see what we already know this dude can do….Keep hope alive….Tone gonna win the lotto in march lol…..that ought a cover some marketing costs


“fuck it up for everyone that comes after us”

Word lika nerd g.

QN5|MD Rep.

Re: So, It’s January 1st, 2004.

Damn forreal though I’m excited for qn5. I barely found out bout you guys in the beginning of this year, but so far, i’m more than impressed. And 04 only holds some true next shit. So I’m just gonna say good luck. I’m sure all you guys’ projects will be flamin. and i’ll have all of em. I swear to god i’ll probly be at the record shop holden a qn5 album like it was the golden ticket.

Re: Word lika nerd g

yes, word lika nerd, <img ALT=“lol”> ——————————————————
dope rappers they come and go, but legendary rappers linger…

Re: So, It’s January 1st, 2004.

Quote<hr>WHEN tone blows….we as Auralarians gonna be some proud ass fuckers <hr>

Let’s pause for that one, thank you.

Continue as scheduled. <div style=“text-aligncenter”>

“Don’t need a copy of Microsoft Office to Excel… Word.”
- Tonedeff</div>

Re: So, It’s January 1st, 2004.

it would be amazing if (when<img ALT=“p”> ) QN5 gets huge.
the whole crew is just nuts<img ALT=“eek”> the only thing i don’t like (personally) about it would be if QN5 got sooooo big and everyone knew about it that it doesn’t feel as good to say you know about such crazy music than everyone else.
it’s awesome when peopel think the “underground” sucks than they are just totally awestruck.. but that’s hardly a drawback at all because i’m hoping the best on the Q-N-Fizzle.
(and i finally did my part by ordering 3 QN5 cd’s near the end of ‘03, and looking forward to copping 4 more (at least) in ‘04;
HFYS (tried getting when i ordered the 3 cd’s from BoilingPoint but they didnt have it, Spicasso, Archetype, and if i heard right CunninLynguists new album? so good luck to the Fizzle in ‘04 !


apologies for the pause…..good shit on that detection <img ALT=”(”>


I hope this album drops within a month or two because I’m getting a little fed up with the wait. And I hope I can find it at a music store near me because I can’t order anything on line. If I go through as much trouble trying to find it as I did for HFYS, that will pretty much suck… good luck Tone… peace & carrots


anywhere i can cop qn5 CDs that dont involve using paypay?

Re: yo

illiterit… did you not read the post where he tells us about the distribution deal? Archetype’ll be available in chain stores, i.e. Tower Records, Virgin(?) etc…

Re: yo

I just hope Archetype gets the distribution and promotion it deserves.

Season of da Siccness went gold. And it got no promotion whatsoever. Shitty distriibution too. I dont think it was even available in the east. shit just got big from word of mouth.

Re: yo


If you’re asking where you can download it, try downloading the couple samples littered around the QN5 webpages. If you would like more, then buy the freakin’ CD. If you don’t want to buy the CD, go elsewhere. Listen to MTV, or something. <div style=“text-aligncenter”>

“Don’t need a copy of Microsoft Office to Excel… Word.”
- Tonedeff</div>

great read

i enjoyed the lil heads up. i think that you have the talent to turn heads and that your fan base grew so much that it will deffently turn heads.


Yeah, ‘04 is going to be a mad year… I cant wait for Archetype, even if i pay $30 extra for the shipping. And all the other releases… Daaamn, can i feel my record collection expanding right now <img ALT=”)”>

I’ve gotten a lot of people onto liking QN5 this year. From mainstream hiphop heads, to underground hiphop heads to people who normally listen to hard rock. It’s a beautiful thing <img ALT=”)”>


i heard about the distribution deal but i wont believe it until i see qn5 music in a local music store because tonedeff said HFYS would be at some local stores and it was nowhere to be found… anyway hit us up with a release date

Re: So, It’s January 1st, 2004.

I’ll have to copp this album when its dropped.. mos def. I’ve turned alot of people onto your music, and cunninlynguists… everyone loves your shit. Much respect.

I’m sure ya’ll blow up, it’s just a matter of time. <img ALT=“smokin”>


no i wanna buy the CDs and not use paypay cuz i cant and dont wanna…and mtv blows

Re: rfg

don’t you mean paypal?
dope rappers they come and go, but legendary rappers linger…


yes i do mean paypal