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Tonedeff Tori Amos

Hey tone…is it just me or is that “Mr. Zebra” track on the new Tori Amos cd dope as hell??? that song is nice man, i wanna know if you felt the same way.

Re: Tori Amos

I haven’t actually heard the “Tales of A Librarian” yet. I remember thinking to buy it, but then didn’t because it’s a Greatest Hits compilation, and I own every single on of her songs already.

“Mr. Zebra” is actually from her 3rd album, Boys For Pele. I love the ‘nutcracker-suite’ style brass horns on it. Bad ass track.

“Figure it out. She’s a good time fella/
She got a little funds to fight for Moneypenny’s rights/
Figure it out. She’s a good time fella/
“Too bad the burial was premature,” she said & smiled”

Tori’s a wicked chick. lol


If you haven’t checked out ...Pele you should. the opening track, “Horses” is one of my all time favorite songs.

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Cloud on my tongue is my fav tori track

Its just so easy…i feel dat a lot

da melody n all that


Thanks for the knowledge tone. I’ll have to check out her 3rd album so i can hear “horses.”

I bought “tales of a librarian” a couple days ago, it was on sale and i couldn’t pass up the CD+DVD combo. Unlike you, i don’t own all of her albums/singles, which made this a pretty worthwhile purchase. As to whether YOU should cop it or not…hmm…

it DOES have “2 new songs and 2 re-recorded b-sides”
(as the sticker on the package states)

The DVD was alright, i’d be lying if i said it was spectacular, it has a pretty cool photo gallery and some sound check footage, but that’s about it.

But in my opinion, this cd in it’s entirety (dvd and all) is a nice addition to the shelf. the glossy fold-out box and well-designed booklet are just straight sexy… i guess i just have a thing for music that’s presented in a high class fashion.

Anyways, before i leave i just had to say thank you ‘cause i was sleeping on tori before i saw that “under the pink” was #1 on your all-time list. I’ve been listening to that as well as “scarlet’s walk” for quite some time now.

Oh and i have to give you props for your old school “circles” song with the tori amos sample (cloud my tounge right?)
that shit was on point!

and while i’m on the topic of good music. ARCHETYPE is all i gotta say. i’m patiently waiting man. stay true.