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Substantial :: Official Substantial Sacrifice Discussion Thread ::

Got it today, currently listening to it and loving it. What are your thoughts? I’ll write more after I finish listening.

I can’t believe I got mine today. It wasnt suppose to come in until the 11th-14th. I had normal shipping. Havent got a chance to listen to it yet though.

:: Official Substantial Sacrifice Discussion Thread ::



Havent really listened to it. Just had it playing in the background while I work on stuff. From what I’ve heard that album is really good though. I love That Damn Good. Resurrection of the House Party is one of my favorite songs of all year on any album. My Favorite Things and It’s you are also awesome songs. Not to mention The E-Famm track, which is awesome.

This is also one of the best looking albums of the year. Seeing the picture on the CD with the baby blue QN5 logo just looks really awesome.

I really love this album. Even the album art is awesome. My favorite production is the Tonedeff and Kno beats, Deacon and Algo did a damn good job too.

Best of 08! lol

Favorite tracks:
Chain Reaction
Rez of the House Party
Favorite Things
It’s You (I Think) <<< looove this track
A P.G. Boy
Labor Pains
Sign Language
Hood Hope

I got mine today, the album is amazing from front to back. It is so great to finally hear a full CDQ version of That Damn Good, and My Favorite Things is beautiful. A P.G. has such an incredible vibe, Deacon really produced the hell out of the track. Great work Substantial.

Well…having been given a sneak preview Wink ...the album lives up to the hype big time.

I like very much!!

I’ll post more when I get to listen to it more.

My favorites (aside from the entire cd) are:

Let It Go (perfect late night driving music)

That Damn Good (Stan kills it)

Resurrection of the House Party (no need to say anything about this one)

My Favorite Things (more late night driving music, such a chill song…I sometimes forget to listen to the lyrics)

Spaticus (Stan kills it again)

Sign Language (everyone comes hard… Tone… sheeeit!)

Blazer_Nation said:Sign Language (everyone comes hard… Tone… sheeeit!)


As we speak its going into my ipod…..very exciting to hear this as Stan is one helluva emcee

Stan didn’t disappoint, entire album is fire

CD art is niiiiiiiiiiiice by the way

Album is perfect front to back.

Finally, I get a full length copy of “My Favorite Things.” I just love the original so much and Stan kept it classy.

i just got my album! i’m about to go out though, so i can’t listen until i get home.

i hate to be perverted, but the first thing i noticed when i turned the CD over was that it looks as though stan is holding out a giant black dildo. Sad cover looks freaking SWEET though.

“Labor Pains” is still my favorite.

You’re so fucking talented, Tone! I almost wanna hate you…

...well, not really.

what said:

i hate to be perverted, but the first thing i noticed when i turned the CD over was that it looks as though stan is holding out a giant black dildo. Sad cover looks freaking SWEET though.

i laughed so hard i cried

Shit is fresh don’t know what’s my favorite so I’m gonna have to comeback after I listen a lot more.

I can see all of these tracks performed at a show.

Great fucking job Stan.

the ef@mm track is disgusting

I had to turn around because I forgot by book for class today
lucky I did because mailman came with my Sacrifice album!!!

it’s a great album

chain reaction, sign language, resurrection of the house party are my favorites off the top of my head
there are others too

“Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it leaves” is my favorite line that I can remember right now

My favorite songs right now are..

That Damn Good
Resurrection of the House Party
My Favorite Things
It’s You (I Think)
Spaticus (Spit 4 Spat)
A P.G. Boy
QT (Quality Time)
Sign Language
Hood Hope

Sorry for the long-winded post, but I just finally got through a real listen of the LP over the course of the day, and some thoughts came to mind. Stay with me.

The most fascinating thing about listening to Substan’s music is that you know, without a doubt, that it’s HIM making the music. I like to think that all people are three dimensional, have different aspects of their personalities, and really can’t be ultimately defined by one specific course of action. So it’s crazy when you listen to this man rhyme because you feel like you’re listening to the same person that you met at a show, chilled with for an evening, read a message board post of, or whatever the case may be.

You don’t know how many times I’ve met some of these overly aggressive, “Fuck you and your mother!” type rappers, and was slightly apprehensive to even compliment them because they were such pricks on record—only to have them turn around and smile. Or on the other hand—the friendly, wholesome, thought-provoking type MC, who turns out to be a real asshole and can’t even smirk at the acknowledgment. So in the end, I end up wondering which part of them is real. Music is entertainment, but when you get to meet and greet some of these artists, you’d like to know that the entertainment you’ve personally connected with has some type of foundation in reality.

So with Substantial, here’s a dude I’ve spoken to at a few different shows, and had the opportunity to chill with on less than a handful of occasions—and when I’m listening to Sacrifice, I’m really hearing all three dimensions of the man making the music. Whether it be the arrogance, passion, wittiness, anger, et cetera. It’s not like some rappers whose songs you’ll hear and still be slightly confused until they offer their explanation of it during an interview, where you end up thinking, “OOH! That’s what he meant!”

Don’t get it twisted—I’m not trying to front like I’m some sort of BFF that’s known homie through his ups and downs; and I’m not trying to namedrop and be one of those fans that thinks I have a special place because I’ve been to the man’s home to record and what not. But listening to Quality Time just really brought these thoughts to the forefront because I knew it was absolutely true. Right next to his recording set-up was a BIG ASS calendar with every single thing he needs to do written in.

So yeah, we can appreciate the rappers who cleverly weave together fictional tales, because I’m not saying Substantial doesn’t do that. I’m just saying I appreciate Substantial’s music a bit more because he does that, and then adds more—and it’s always consistent with who he is.

I guess that’s truly applicable to everyone on the Qn5 label, so that’s no shot to anyone sharing the logo—it’s just like I said, Substan’s LP inspired the thoughts.

^ That was actually a mad interesting post lol. Different ‘review’ (if u wanna call it) then most posts here. Cool yet interesting read Amen.

I’ma post later, but this album is real nice!

My computer is definately not feelin this CD….for whatever reason the last 2 or 3 tracks play fine by CD, but when I try to rip them for my ipod they come out skipping….figures it’s one them is the EF@MM songs..

Yeah I took note of the sheer realness of this album as well.

So I’ve been listening to Sacrifice instead of Dirty Acres for the past 2 days straight now, and here’s my take..

I wasn’t feelin Sacrifice much the first time I heard it.. but I’m thinking that’s because it was at 3am when I was tired as fuck but knew I couldn’t have a fuckin Substantial album for a day and go to sleep without at least giving it one spin.. and apparently my exhaustion twisted my perception.

I’m really feelin a majority of the album, though there are songs I’m just not feelin too much. The tracks I was diggin even off the back at 3am are That Damn Good, Resurrection of the House Party, My Favorite Things, It’s You, and A P.G. Boy. All of which are still some of my favorite songs, along with Quality Time, Sign Language, and Spaticus.

I’m still in the process of taking in the actual lyrics, so I don’t have much to say on the lyrical side of the album outside of My Favorite Things, Spaticus, A P.G. Boy, Rez of the House Party, and That Damn Good are ill as fuck, Stan… oh, and Another Day On The Plantation is hilarious.. and I’m gettin into Hood Hope, Quality Time, and Sign Language more with each listen

There’s some real nice beats on Sacrifice, as well as some I’m just not vibing with (yet?). A P.G. Boy, My Favorite Things, Spaticus, Resurrection of the House Party, It’s You, That Damn Good, Quality Time, 4DozDatDonKno, and Let It Go got some standout production.

Sign Language is on some other shit. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the first E-Famm track that’s not on some humorous battle rap type shit, isn’t it? I like it.. the production is pretty dope. I really like the harmony throughout Stan’s verse and the lyrical presentation of all. This has me really wonderin how the next E-Famm project could turn out with possibly some more conceptual tracks as opposed to HFYS being a ball of laughs.

So, as I come closer to the end of my post, Sacrifice is growing on me pretty well. The only things I don’t like about the album are as follows.. the loud ass beat with the phone ringing on The Wake Up Call after A P.G. Boy’s chillness.. gotta have my hand on the volume for that. I’m not feelin Chain Reaction either.. at all, really. U Can Get It has a nice beat, but I’m not much into the song. I’m not really into Labor Pains either yet.. I recognize it’s not a bad song at all, but something’s just not connectin with me.

So.. yeah.. long ass post. Good job on the album.

damn… another stellar qn5 release Very Happy

ive got one listen all the way through so far, and this is definitely a really solid album, honestly cant say theres even one track i dont like… substantial really knows how to put together well made songs, and this album showcases that

real nice production throughout, the lyrics - you already know, substantial is way ahead of most mc’s… as of the first listen my favorite tracks in no particular order would probably be 4dozdatdonkno, my favorite things, a p.g. boy, labor pains, the wake up call, sign language, spaticus, chain reaction, and that damn good

i gotta definitely give it a few more thorough listens to absorb all the lyrics… overall i love the album though, great job on the artwork too substantial, shit looks really nice… i love how you did the foldout poster, i noticed you mixed most of the tracks yourself too - nice job, the sound quality is niice, its not often you see too many artists that involved in their own projects, even down to the engineering and artwork (props to tone on the executive production also)

couple other notes… sign language is Shocked if thats a sign [no pun intended] of whats to come on the next efamm record.. daamn, i had to rewind that track a few times… also i really like the chorus on chain reaction, that shit sounds crazy lol

edit: ” mad humble! // yo thanks man, come to think of it i’m probably the most modest motherfucker in the world!” that shit had me dying Laughing Laughing

houstonz said:I’m not feelin Chain Reaction either.. at all, really.

thats crazy! that’s one of my favorite songs on the album! haha he BODIES the delivery on some tricky shit. love the album btw. full write up come soon!

I want lyrics to sign language so I can follow along

on another note…I was bumping resurrection of the house party in the car and my snap rap bullshit listening friend enjoyed it Very Happy

All the guys from QN5 have such an awesome variety of songs and styles and Substantial is no different.

He goes from a song you would listen to, to pump you up (That Damn Good), into a party song (Resurrection of the House Party), to the song you listen to while having sex (U Can Get It), then just a love song (It’s You I Think), and finishes with one of those songs that just makes you think about life and makes you think about the meaning of the song (Sign Language) I didnt even mention half of the songs either.

Sign Language ain’t what I expected at all…but it is dope as fuck.

Upon first listen, I wasn’t very into it.

However, after a few more spins, it really sunk in. Then it grew on me, and now I think it’s an amazing album. What threw me off (I think) was how fresh everything is, from the beats to stan’s rapping to his style as an MC. I think it’s incredible that Stan was so able to convey himself genuinely throughout the course of the album. So many rappers, who are skilled, really aren’t that great at infusing their music with their own personality; it’s just an average rapper over nice beats. When I listen to this album, I hear lyrics and style that are distinctly Stan’s, so I know that what I’m listening to is a genuine Substantial record. The same goes for the rest of QN5 as well, not many artists these days are capable of creating music that’s honest, unique, creative, and representative of themselves as people.

The beats are also extremely fresh as well. Everything sounds lively and soulful, while blending in perfectly with the vocals and message of each track. Everything falls into place as well to form a cohesive experience as an album, not just a collection of singles. When I finish listening to the CD, I remember it as a whole product, Sacrafice as an album. The RMX album was also an awesome addition, as it’s more Substantial for your buck!

Overall, I think Sacrafice is incredible, both lyrically and musically, and it’s completely representative of the hard work, effort, creativty, honesty, and genuine dedication QN5 artists put into their CDs. Very Happy