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Substantial :: Official Substantial Sacrifice Discussion Thread ::

It’s clear to me what’s going to happen here.

First off I hear about the ‘Lynguists and get into and buy their records.

But now… I can see myself buying every QN5 record I can get hold of (don’t have no truck personally with iTunes). In London I was singing along to Stan’s songs, even though I didn’t know them! Smile Well, apart from Spark my Soul.

The quality, variety, and shit, sheer talent on display on this record is outstanding.

Is that a theremin on Chain Reaction, BTW?

^ Yeah, welcome to QN5 Smile

Make sure you check out Tonedeff’s Archetype and PackFM’s whutduzFMstand4.. they are to their respective artists what Sacrifice is to Stan. They all have very different styles too, so there’s so much variety and depth.

Every QN5 album is quality top-to-bottom.. NO exceptions.

I intend to, Epic. :)

I gave it a “proper” listen last night (on the hi-fi with my feet up, instead on playing it on the PC whilst I’m cooking in the kitchen etc).

Labor Pains and QT (amongst others) are absolutely awesome.

Hey, ordered a copy of this today from UGHH. Any one know how long they take to ship to England?


Can’t remember really: maybe around ten days? No longer.

Anyway, you’ve got a treat in store! :)


just got it today. came with qn5 remix vol. 4 and substantial - collabos vol. 1, didnt think they were still available. hella pleased!

I knew Substantial was getting attention, but I just smiled when I saw someone who I never told about Substantial or QN5 post the It’s You video on Facebook.

JLee said:I knew Substantial was getting attention, but I just smiled when I saw someone who I never told about Substantial or QN5 post the It’s You video on Facebook.

Those things always makes me smile. Not too long ago (last month) this dude I barely know from my school drove me and a couple of friends, and he actually had Strange Journey bumping the entire(very short=) drive Razz

I’ve been sleeping on Substantial. Gonna download it and give it a spin, and I’ll buy it when I get paid (assuming I like it, which if other QN5 releases are to go by, I will love it).

Daaamn this is dope, lovin’ the jazzy feel to it. Can’t wait to drive to this album, i’ve played this about 3 times in a row now smile
This is added to my list of cd’s to buy on payday

noticed that the video for “My Favorite Things” is on my cable provider’s On Demand music section


This album is smooooooooth.

We’d like to thank everyone for their support of this project. Substantial is busy at work on his third official studio album, so don’t forget you can still bump this clinic in versatility till then. Smile

Third album? Schweeeeet!

i admit, i got a LOTS of Substantial to catch up on.

This WINK mixtape has opened my eyes to his older stuff big time.

I got that Samurai Champloo disc, Substantial Evidence, and Sacrifice RMX disc to listen to. And I need to revisit Sacrifice. And listen to Substan/Burns more.

and i haven’t heard To This Union…


Substantial just started a kickstarter up for pressing Sacrifice on vinyl for the first time. Also repressing of To This Union. $30 each or $50 for both.

But don’t just think about all the awesomeness of this individual kickstarter (which is stacked, by the way and has an unreleased Sacrifice track for any kick in), think about what might happen if it quickly and easily reaches its stretch goal? Maybe a good sign for any of the other kickstarter ideas that have been brought up on this forum. Maybe IFHR or HFYS on wax. Who knows?

^^ Definitely supporting this.

$2,500 of the $10,000 raised so far.

He even has a 3 pack option for $75 that includes his new album

7 Days left and he’s like 82% there. If you haven’t checked out the packages, you seriously should. They are stacked for even the smallest kick-in. Stan really went above and beyond in making the projects sick.