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Tonedeff Tone….

On behalf of everyone here (both in this forum and Israel) I would like to thank you…
Thanks for making me believe that people can make good music, new music, better music!
I nearly gave up on hip hop a couple of years back because everyone were so monotone and overdoing things till i symboled on The Hyphen. I was amazed you immidatlly became my favorite artist and i ripped web pages and share programs to hear more. this year I got the Underscore CD, Shag was the hit single of the year as far as I’m concern.
So THANKS for making us all believe that there’s still hope for new, freshing and “5 step ahead of the game” Hip Hop.

Can’t wait till the Archetype drops

You’ve reached a nice number of fans down here… I brought 5 HFYS and 4 Underscore and sold them all… in a matter of days!

Much Love

Re: Tone….


We truly appreciate the support, especially considering you took the extra effort in buying CDs and gettin em out to your people out in Israel. It’s nice to know heads out there are just as sick of the bullshit as we are. lol

You’ve got plenty to look forward to from the QN5 camp this year. Stay tuned. We will NOT disappoint.

Tone. Tonedeff
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Shalom chavair! Mah schlom’cha?

I went to a jewish day school for 12 years and thats pretty much all the hebrew I remember. On a personal note, how are things? Being that I graduated last year Im less informed on the situation over there.

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Theodor Herzl If You Will It, It Is No Dream.
(i also remember that from school, haha)

haha!! nice 1!

I’m good
Things here are the same old bord, nothing’s really going on..
“the situation over there” is not a bad as you think it is…
things like that never changed my life style, and i’m in the army… so it’s all bullshit
CNN = Not The Truth <img ALT=”)”>

No point making another thread for the same purpose…

... but I just wanna show appreciation to you, Tone. I found out about QN5 by being turned onto Cunninlynguists this past year, and have only been getting more into all of your stuff since.

Specifically, what I’ve heard from Underscore and Hyphen, as well as your verse on Love Ain’t, are all truly amazing. From your posts on this board, as well as your music, your dedication to this art is beyond question. I can’t wait to hear Archetype. It’s bought without second thought, whenever it ends up dropping.

I’m copping Underscore along with The White Albulum, once it goes on preorder.

Just keep on doin’ what you’re doin’, and know that any hiphop fan who hears your work’s going to appreciate and enjoy it.


PS, it was cool to see you for the first time at Bowery a couple weeks ago, you tore shit up.


yea i had a chance to meet and talk with a group of teenagers from Isreal and they pretty much said the same thing as you. I guess ur over 18 cuz ur in the army, good luck with that, i have friends who are also in the army there cuz they were citizens of Isreal who were in American to study. Good Luck and god bless.

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Hey Rapid, are there any nice israeli beats that you can recommend for us?
If you could that would be sweet.
toda raba


yeah there are some Israeli beats who are dope, but what connection do you have with any of this?
if you got it hit me on ICQ 93067281