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Tonedeff wannabe MC

dis is my first post

i wanna be a MC…i am already a bboy, hip hop art artist(not graphitti but i put Hip Hop in2 every1 of my drawins<!—EZCODE EMOTICON START Wink—><img ALT=”;)”><!—EZCODE EMOTICON END—> )

so how could i start???....i have so much ideas nd things id like 2 say

nd if i ever get good enough i got connections in def jam nd some other record companies Edited by <A >So DraZtic</A> at 1/10/04 935 pm

Re: wannabe MC

You should start with just writing stuff down….try to find synonyms so u have more than one way to say something…keep your ears open for techniques of others before you develop your own….and don;t get discouraged if you get writers block…..sometimes a topic is the toughest thing to think of


Just rap, jump up in street cyphers get ripped a few times and eventually u will start getting better. and just have fun <img ALT=“D”>

Peace and good luck

Re: .

word… gotta earn your stripes and get murdered on the mic lol…..if u wanna go the cypher route….just do what u feel homeslice


first you gotta get yourself a big platinum chain.. buy every color of air force 1s.. toss out all of your abercrombie, billabong, and gap outfits and fill your wardrobe with throwback jerseys.. now you have the image, next you have to think of a name that suits your thugged out self.. try this- take the initial of your first name, for example if your name is theodore, which it probably is, throw out the heodore and keep the “t”.. now take your favorite everyday ebonic suffix, such as eezie, izzle, igga, etc.. in this case lets use izzle.. now put the izzle after the t- making it “tizzle”.. now take your typical played out sub names such as big, lil, young, etc.. how bout we use lil.. put it all together and we got Lil Tizzle.. congratulations you are an MC!

Catch 22

<img ALT=“rollin”> <img ALT=”(”>

It’s funny and sad at the same time.

<——- that slug is too damn happy, too… Edited by <A >QElizabeth</A> at 1/12/04 737 pm

Re: Catch 22

Damn….Illiterit just figured out the blueprint to generic hip hop….shit now all he gotta do is rap about something nice and simple (i.e. women, drugs, cars)....and throw in the occasional “holla” and simple metaphors…...he’ll go platinum when he should go aluminum

Re: Catch 22

start every song by yelling… “IN THE BUILDIN!” or “IT’S YA BOY, CHEA!”

Re: Catch 22

Quote<hr>for example if your name is theodore, which it probably is<hr>

aaa-hahahahaha… this nigga said “which it probably is”... LOLOL <div style=“text-aligncenter”>

“Don’t need a copy of Microsoft Office to Excel… Word.”
- Tonedeff</div>