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Dirty Acres East Coast Tour OCT. 22nd: Miami, FL @ PS14

ok. soooooooooooooooooooooo-

how was it? my sis said it was worth the drive… i’ll let her give her own recap.

but i want more info!

The following are words that dont do it justice: ill as fuck, amazing, hot shit, fucking incredible, the illness, the realness, live ass shit, etc etc

I got an assload of pictures that i will post probably later today. I have to recover first. My fucking head is killing me. And my quads and calfs are fucking destroyed from jumping up and down and shit. My voice is also tore the fuck down from screaming and yelling. I really wanted to show my support.

The openers werent terrible at all. I was pretty impressed but since I dont know their shit…i got bored of them fairly quickly. Especially since Cunnin came on for sound check and said “we’ll be back in an hour…get more inebriated”...yea…that turned out to be like 2 hours. I was fucking stoked as fuck when i saw Substantial…seemed like he was just randomly on stage out of nowhere. So since he wasnt on the flyer…i was like…fuck this im gonna yell and scream and show my damn support cause hes the shit. So he comes on and does his thing…fucking DESTROYS his shit. He didnt have a hype man and he didnt need one. He went through some live shit…some personal shit…and as hes tearing shit down…he says hes done and get ready for Cunnin…i mean…damn…i was like “fuck that shit! encore! encore!” but oh well…it was a little short but its not like the show is over. So you know…i dealt with it. I pulled myself together and got ready for the next shit.

Then Cunnin came on and my head exploded. They tore through songs from every album and i lost my fucking mind. People who were there are gonna be like “Yo…so that was you up front actin all crazy and shit?”...fuck yes it was. And other than repeatedly getting slapped by Kno’s towel…it was great. Yo my bad for my arm getting in the way a couple times…hahaha. But I was retarded happy that Natti performed “Baby”...thats in my top 2 favorite songs from Asterisk 4. Love that shit. And so they performed all the favorites…they had an interlude type of crowd participation time for an appreciation for marijuana(which was fucked up cause I could smell that shit and aint nobody pass it round my way). I really cant tell you how sore my legs are from jumping around so damn much. Towards the end they was all like “we love you miami…later” and shit…then they randomly jumped into the crowd and performed some more shit. Dont remember what it was. But the place went insane for “KKKY”. But the crowd was pretty into all of it…which was good to see.

Then afterwards I got the chance to personally thank everyone who performed for doing what they do and making the music they make. They was all like “Thank you for coming out and supporting” but im like fuck that shit…thats my duty…thank you for doing your thing. So it was a mutual thanks. I just wanna thank everyone though one more time cause i really appreciate the music so much. Its really been there for me and has honestly helped me through some tough times.

So yea…Substantial is the shit!!! He signed my cd cause hes the man. One of the coolest motherfuckers in existence. Dude is crazy chill. Had to throw him some respect. Congratualtions on your beautiful baby! While I was there i picked up one of almost everything hes ever done hahaha. Thank god for my woman…i owe her money now. I was thinkin i was only gonna be able to buy like 1 cd or shirt or some shit. but she came through in the clutch.

Natti is a cool motherfucker too. I let him know i loved the show and love the music and everything. Asked him about Kynfolk cause they rock. He was real appreciative and just a cool dude.

Deacon was talkin to a group of people but i was like fuck that…i jumped in there real quick since i had to leave and was like yo thanks for the performance and the music…shit was amazing. So hes cool as fuck too.

Then theres Kno…man what an asshole. Haha…just kidding. I was suprised nobody was an asshole at all. They all liked talking to everybody and i even got a picture with Kno real quick. Wish I had got one with Stanial but i wasnt really thinkin. But i chatted with Kno about CATM real quick and about the fact that we missed Sos performing there by like a day. Fucking shitcock. Kno is a damn cool dude. I was suprised by his performing abilities. Since hes the producer im thinkin hes gonna be laying back relaxin but that dudes energy was out of this world. Jumpin on the speaker next to me and shit.

So yea. I guess thats about it. It was fucking amazing. As i was leaving i was angry cause i wanted more. But oh well

thanks to all

heres a sample:

(slap you so hard my fingerprints(and wedding band imprint) are on ya skeleton)


I have 115 pictures total. Im gonna narrow that down…then im gonna figure out how to post all of them

heres a short little stan video…not bad quality for a digicam i guess

S1050239.AVI - 11.50MB

Nice work Mono!!!

Can’t wait to see the other pix!!!!

Just thought I’d post and let you all know the show was ridiculous. I was up front the entire show just couldn’t stop jamming. Best musical performance I’ve ever seen in my life. Big ups to Campaign, the second group who’s name I can’t seem to recall, Substantial and Cunninlynguists you guys all destroyed it and I can’t wait for the next show. I brought about 7 people total, and all of them had a blast.

Thanks Deacon and Natti for chillin with us after the show, stay real.


thanks for the recaps! i always really enjoy reading the detailed ones Very Happy i’m excited for the pictures.

you’re lucky to have seen ‘baby’ performed! i was hoping for that one.

SiR_FoX said:Just thought I’d post and let you all know the show was ridiculous. I was up front the entire show just couldn’t stop jamming. Best musical performance I’ve ever seen in my life. Big ups to Campaign, the second group who’s name I can’t seem to recall, Substantial and Cunninlynguists you guys all destroyed it and I can’t wait for the next show. I brought about 7 people total, and all of them had a blast.

Thanks Deacon and Natti for chillin with us after the show, stay real.


I remember yall…i got pics of some of yall…haha

Setting shit up

me and wifey waiting

me and the homie A to the muhfuckin J

All 3


Still waiting around



More openage

Dunno why i took so many pics of the openers

The trio…again

Looks like they be holdin hands and shit yo

2nd opener dudes



I gotta do 15 pics at a time cause its taking forever to upload…so deal with it

I see myself in 3 of those pics. Good shit, I bet you have more with me in em. You guys sat in the booth with us at the beginning of the night, glad to hear you guys all had a good time too. You all ready for the next show already?

Yea yea…i had a spider sense that yall had some kind of connection to the forums…haha

but trust me…you guys are in most of them just cause we was all up front and shit

for real though…my shirt was half soaked at the end of the night…and my right calf is STILL a tad sore

shit was hectic…i straight up lost my mind

Heres the next batch













i got some bangers for real…i just gotta do it slow…it takes forever to upload them

and i had more stan photos than what i post…but they started getting blury and fucked up…had to restart the camera and it was all good…pissed me off though cause i was drunk like “dammit fuck…let me try again…arrrrghh!”

those are some snazzy photos! good work sir!

thanks for the photos and recaps, y’all! It’s like being there! (But those of you who were actually there know that it’s no substitute for a real qn5 show). Smile
















yea whores…i just wish i had better picture quality…that other dude at that other show had some crazy artistic and beautiful shots…mine are kind of gutter

show was amazing…loved it…my girl got sum pics but good luck to wen she actually puts em on the computer lol

yea i think i might have purposely taken a picture of her when she was standing on somethin gettin in some shots…cause im prolly in some of hers…so i was like “fuck that…im takin one of you”

Groan… so I missed a great show. I was sick about it. I actually made it there, getting there a few hrs after it was gonna start, waited a few hours but then I just couldn’t take waiting anymore, knowing that I had something impt the next morning, & couldn’t handle getting home @ 4am, and I was already in a bad place with an all day excrutiating headache. It was lame, I know… the campaigns kinda taken over my life… sick

I had brought Broward for Obama buttons for everyone, was psyched bout showing love to my favorite group, felt guilty and disloyal that I didn’t stay, & never got to say in person how much I love your music, guys.


Kno said something about another tour type of thing in the somewhat near future. Possibly a charity event for Boys and Girls Club of America. Im assuming he only brought it up cause they would in fact be coming back down to Miami/South Florida

One can only hope.