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Tonedeff Who Would Win?

<FONT FACE=“Verdana,Arial” SIZE=2>Who would kick who’s ass???

Anotonio Banderas from “Desperado”
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or Jean Reno from “The Professional”
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Re: Who Would Win?

LEON!!!! he kept it gully, and i like how he went out


el mariachi would never go out.

Re: EL

Look at homeboy’s grill…..he has a gun leaning on his face and his eyes are closed….like he is praying to a frickin firearm…leon is nice….real nice…but el mariachi would get him….i guess its the hispanic in me

no brainer…

me of course… <img ALT=”)”>

Re: no brainer…

mariachi man no doubt.

On another note, anyone ever see the original “El Mariachi”? Antonio Banderas isn’t in it, but when they flashback to it in “Desperado”, they have him in it <img ALT=“lol”> I always get a kick out of that.
dope rappers they come and go, but legendary rappers linger…

Re: no brainer…

here is where we get complicated cuz im gonna break it down even more. Are we talking about Desperado BEFORE (spoiler for Once Upon A Time In Mexico coming) Selma Hyek dies or after? cuz after she died he just did not give a fuck and was more lethal than before.

and are we talking about Leon before he meets the girl or not cuz I personaly think he was more ruthless after he meets the girl.

I honestly think it would be like the end of The Professional and Leon kills everyone including himself and desperado but not before desperado shoots Leon and kills him. So they both kill each other. QN5|MD Rep.


well damn…i gotta go with leon…that bastard is insanely raw…“this is from Matilda” BAAAAM!

he took on WELL TRAINED swat and police officers…desperado took on semi-trained “henchmen” type dudes…man i gotta go with Leon…theres no doubt for me…plus he could pick off a man from quite a distance

it is a toughy though…both are pretty crazy dudes

and if El Mariachi’s cousins get invited to the party…its all gonna get screwed from there

Re: lol

Damn thats pretty hard…

El mariachi got sum blast away guns but leon got sum ill skills…

il be nyce and call it a draw…they both end up in critical condition <img ALT=”)”>

Re: lol

Leon’s my choice

Dude slept sittin in a chair with his eyes (probably) open

that’s too crazy

Plus he had sniper skills and would just come up in your business and start shootin with no cares


I’ll go with option C, the Sains


Re: k

Boondock Saints was a fucking crazy ass movie…LOVE that shit

Re: Who Would Win?

D) Samuel L. Jackson

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