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Tonedeff Yo any one heard Tones Disapointed?

He did that song on when he came to Nanaimo, and it kicked ass and I havnt seen it anywhere and i really want to hear it again.


There is a 1 verse snippet of Disappointed on the enhanced CD portion of “happy f*ck you songs”

This track is hot yo! <img ALT=“b”>

Re: Yo!

ain;t shit till you heard that shit live…..tone sets it up lovely….gets you all in the frame of mind of havin a bi girlfriend and not havin a threesome despite being with her for a while….it was hilarious

Wanna hear it again?

Buy Archetype when it drops. [img]http// style=“border0;” ALT=”;)”> <div style=“text-aligncenter”>
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Re: Wanna hear it again?

shit i’m sold… i will cop 3 albums

Re: Wanna hear it again?

King of fighters!!!

snk vs capcom 2 ..

phat game

For sure!

Yea man Im buying that ish right when it comes out!


yo when is that cd going to drop any one know?

Re: yo

no set date, maybe soon though

Re: yo

aight thanx


Tone is great and all but dissapointed seems to be the one song i’m not feelin at all. Been to a few qn5 shows and he performed it at a couple of them…sorry but that’s usually when the energy dies for me, energy goes back up by the next track though.

Naw dog

ya right that song is hype, i dont know what your taling about. i havnt heard a bad Tone song.

Re: Naw dog

damn i actually thought dissapointed was mad crazy -

maybe different live..

Re: Naw dog

I like the track….its not his absolute best stuff but its still great nonetheless….i think its pretty good in concert….Tone has the whole crowd yellin “Dissapointeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed”...its funny

Re: Naw dog

i wish i saw Tone live…he can realli rock da crowd with his shit…

ure lucky maaan

Re: Naw dog

hell yeah i know i’m lucky….ain;t nothin like a tonedeff show….i’ve seen alot of artists on stage and stuff and it be the real lyrical ones that most times have average stage presence or delivery….but tone is the complete package….definite crowd control and he demands participation….i can;t wait for the next jump off


How about waiting till you can sit and listen to the whole song off the album before panning it.

beezy. Tonedeff
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Re: "Disappointed"

I heard it off the album, and it’s wack SUCKA!!

Nah, it’s one of my favorite Tone songs, Top 5.

Re: "Disappointed"

Even from the sample its defo one of ma tonedeff favz

it defo hits the heavyweight standard - its their up sumwhere….

Disappointed 12"

In other news… the leadoff Archetype 12” single will be

“Disappointed” [produced by Versifier]
“Politics” [produced by Tonedeff]

Look for the 12” sometime in May.

Enjoy. QN5 Music
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Re: Disappointed 12"

so possibly end of June for the album….? “Just cuz of that hater shit/I’ll leave ya toe tagged like I spray painted it” - Deacon The Villain

Re: Disappointed 12"

MAYYYYYY ann shit thats in a long time still… damn it can’t wait for this !!