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Tonedeff The Flaming Lips

Okay im just wondering if any other people in this room have heard The Flaming Lips and what you think of them? Their record “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots” is in heavy rotation at my crib, I thought since alot of yall have a very wide range of music selections at your houses you may enjoy this!


Re: The Flaming Lips

Aside from the bizzarre and somewhat pauseworthy title (or psuedo-futuristic-dipset-esque for that matter), this is a great album. “Do You Realize” is one of the few songs that I’ve heard in my life that has given me goosebumps upon first listen. Great shit.

Those cats have been around for eons. Anyone remember their song, “She Don’t Use Jelly” from the early 90’s? ahahah These dudes are a trip.

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If your really looking for a song

that will give you goosebumps on first hear
cop Alanis Morissette album “Jagged Little Pill”
after the song “U Oughta Know” there’s a hidden track that she does acapella
That’s the one!

Or on the other hand, cop Fiona Apple’s “When The Pawn” amazing album, my alltime fav, never get’s old, and no matter in which situation your in, there’s always a song there that will hit you str8 in the heart.
One of the best albums out there.

Re: The Flaming Lips

True. That Alanis “Forgive Me” acapella is on point. Just the way she sets up the story and it all comes crashing down with the last verse. Brilliant shit.

And I agree with you… When The Pawn is a beautiful record, and far superior IMO to Tidal in terms of Fiona Apple’s albums. I’m eagerly awaiting her new album. I hear it’s gonna be some wild shit.

<span style=“text-decorationunderline”>SIDENOTE</span> I was at that infamous concert at the Roseland Ballroom (Jurassic 5 & Jimmy Fallon opened) where she did 3 songs and had a nervous breakdown on stage and left. I was fucking HEATED. Those were expensive ass tickets. I hope she’s through the with drugs though. She’s a brilliant little bitch, and if she’s stays sober and mentality-stable…. we may have another Tori on our hands. <img ALT=”)”>

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Re: The Flaming Lips

*downloads listed songs* “Just cuz of that hater shit/I’ll leave ya toe tagged like I spray painted it” - Deacon The Villain

Re: The Flaming Lips

“She Dont Use Jelly” haha yea man that song is crazy

I like to see tone refer to people as a “Talented Little Bitch”

Dawg, if you like Yoshimi at all…

Tone…you gotta check out The Soft Bulletin. Talk about songs that’ll leave you breathless and shit…album is amazing.

As for Fiona…this new album better be good. I don’t deny it will have some merit, but When the Pawn was pretty choice epsecially bringing Jon Brion into the mix. I was listening to Tidal last weekend and I personally don’t think she can write a better song than “Never is a Promise”.

elan bmig