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Tonedeff I Just got back from Canada….


artistTonedeff said on :

All I gotta say is…

Fuck I’m tired.

For those of you who payed attention, I headed out there for 6 shows with QN5’s own CunninLynguists & Mr. Mecca.

I had blast. I got a chance to fine-tune my solo set. Ever since Happy F*ck You Songs dropped, it’s been a minute since I’ve had to rock hour-long sets dolo. Shoutouts to Mr. Mecca for holdin me down up there. (Be sure to check out his site!!!). Anyway, this was good practice for me to see what songs from the new album worked and which didn’t on stage. SO far so good. <!—EZCODE EMOTICON START )—><img ALT=”)”><!—EZCODE EMOTICON END—>

Now, I’ve been out to Canada before (Once…to Toronto), but never to the part with all the mountains and shit. And when I say mountains..I’m talking about huge ass monster-mountains that never move while you drive past them. Big-ups to the wicked crowds in Vancouver, Nanaimo, Victoria, Nelson & Calgary that came out to show love. I was completely blown away by how many people knew the songs.

When a 15 year old girl from a canadian mountain town shouts from the front of the stage “DO ‘RIDICULOUS’” know you’ve started to touch more heads than you expected to. lol. That shit was funny.

There’s a slight possibility we may be rolling back up there to the eastern side of Canada for 5 more shows, but more details on that as they come.

Stay tuned for the QN5 national tour later in the year.

Thanks to everyone that showed support and came out to have a blast. As usual, we came to have fun and tear the place up. Hope y’all had as good a time as I did.

Tone. Tonedeff
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sounds dope, wish I could have seen some of it. <img ALT=”)”>

Re: wow

Dope… I think it’s time to give the NYC crowd some love again… whaddaya say?! [img]http// style=“border0;” ALT=“D”> <div style=“text-aligncenter”>
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“Don’t need a copy of Microsoft Office to Excel… Word.”
- Tonedeff</div>


sounds like it was dope <img ALT=“D”>

maybe i’ll catch a qn5 show up there if you go back haha… i’m plannin on goin to montreal at some point, to get heavily fucked up and hit the bars and casinos since i can’t (legally) do that here yet haha.. and get some of that good canadian weed <img ALT=“hat”>

...thats dope too that a lot of people knew the songs, startin to expand the fanbase <img ALT=“D”> ...i predict a year from now i’ll have people askin me if i heard of tonedeff haha

Re: illness

I agree with anime…...NYC needs love too

You kicked ass!

Yo Tone I was at the Nanaimo show, and you just rocked that motha fucka! Unfortuanatly I did have to leave halfway through you set, which I am still kicking myself for. When are you coming back man? Any way thanx for coming out in the first place. You forsure gained a huge new fan for life. I am ashamed to say I had never heard of you before that show. And I dont know how I considered myself a rap fan with out knowing you. But know I know who you are and are going to support you for life. YOU KICK ASS!!!


Re: You kicked ass!

^ Tell your friends too. “Just cuz of that hater shit/I’ll leave ya toe tagged like I spray painted it” - Deacon The Villain

Re: You kicked ass!

can someone tell me what beezy means?

Eastern dates=cool

<img ALT=“eek”> I’M on the eastern side!



Be easy.

[img]http// style=“border0;” ALT=”;)”> <div style=“text-aligncenter”>
<img [/img]
“Don’t need a copy of Microsoft Office to Excel… Word.”
- Tonedeff</div>


i asked myself what it meant back in the day…just repeated it over and over again out loud

beezy beezy be zy be eazy be easy


That’s what I figured it meant. cause like you I repeated the shit over and over and it seemed like that’s what it would mean, I just wanted to make sure


How about making a visit out to Los Angeles?? I’m dying to see you perform live!!! Hell, bring the whole QN5 family….to make my wishes come true…

QN5 in LA

We’re organizing a tour for the fall with the whole QN5 family. We definitely want to roll through the City Of Angels. We’ll let ya know when we know.

QN5 Music
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sorry so late

excellent~! <img ALT=“8)”>


something to make my year go faster..awaiting the arrival of the best of the best…ty QN5!! you guys are the breast! <img ALT=“p”>