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Tonedeff Tone Def In Alaska?

will tone def ever come to alaska? i sure hope that he does because i am his biggest fan in alaska and i would be happy for a concert here! does anyone know when he is performing here? thank you!

Re: Tone Def In Alaska?

Like I said before, if you know a show promoter out in Alaska that is willing to book Tonedeff or CL then you should have no problem gettin them to rock a concert out there.


tone def <img ALT=”“>

Re: k


Its tonedeff

Hey man, ya its not tone def, its tonedeff. Just so you know.

Re: Its tonedeff

my uncle lives in alaska

his name is Ed

if u see him say hi

Re: Its tonedeff

funny thing is there’s probably 3 people in alaska named ed.
dope rappers they come and go, but legendary rappers linger…

Re: Its tonedeff

hahahaha you all are very clever! well if toneDeff decides to come to alaska i will be at that show!

Re: Its tonedeff

I’m sure at least 1 other person in Alaska will own a tonedeff CD, therefore you are not his biggest fan in that state.

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< tonedeff’s biggest UK fan

“Just cuz of that hater shit/I’ll leave ya toe tagged like I spray painted it” - Deacon The Villain

I live in alaska

this is all funny as hell. Yep, Alaska is cold, and our clubs are kinda weak. QN5 is hot as all hell, but people in the Ak don’t know who the hell tonedeff is. Any time I even mention the cunninlynguists, people gasp. Shit! I’ve been to every record shop in town looking for anyone on the label, and all I’ve ever been hit with is “you listen to a guy named tone deaf?” or “the cunni- who? No, my girl said something about that once, but…”
There are a couple heads up here, but most people around anchorage think hip hop is j. lo and whoever justin timberlake is doing a track with (aside from the cats who are “living hard” and listen to nothing but tupac).

If you live in Alaska, order a couple albums off the net, spread ‘em around a bit, and maybe we’ll get rid of rappers who call themselves “bailbondsmen”. QN5 is hot, but right now there are only 3 people up here who would pay to get in (to a place called Chilkook Charlies or some club where 15 year old girls go to fall victim to date rape drugs), knowing that it’s not just the regular “see if I can find a girl at Koots who doesn’t have the clap” night out.
Maybe I’m wrong though. Everyone who I play tonedeff for has to stop and reconsider who they call their favorite rapper. I guess Nick Cannon can afford to lose a few fans.
And actually, people call me Eddy.

Mammoth Music

You can pick up Southernunderground at both locations of mammoth music in Anchorage. I know of a lot of people (mostly in Juneau) that listen to QN5 music. If you want Tonedeff’s you have to order it.

Re: Mammoth Music

alright. I aint checked mammoth as of recent (gave up on record shops months ago). But if qn5 is going to go through a new, and larger, distributor, then it shouldn’t be long before we hear the archetype every time we walk into a record store.
I think my post was too damn negative. There proably are a few cats in anchorage that listen by now. People don’t usually turn down tonedeff.

Re: Mammoth Music

there’s my uncle eddie

my cousin…his son..eddie

then there’s another one