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Tonedeff Hey tone…

I think it would be a good idea to organize a “chat wit the auralarians” thing where you actually are on AIM or a chatroom to talk to the peeps on the forum. I dunno, just an idea.

- Redloks————-
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well tone added the live chatroom feature to the forums a few months back with that very intention.

however, few people joined the convo when they were trying to decided what would be the best time for people to meet in the room. But hey, maybe it can be setup now. <img ALT=”)”>



Re: word…

whenever Qn5 has a release…there should be a chat that night


Yea sounds like a plan<img ALT=“D”>

Re: yea

Monotonous that’s definitely a good idea….kinda like a virtual listening session…..get some insight into all the new joints

Re: yea

I love the virtual listening session idea. Let’s set that up when the next release drops!

Now THIS is what forums are for!

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Re: yea

hahaah yea good thinking boys lol

Re: yea

Now all we gotta do is see when the next release drops….<img ALT=“rolleyes”> .....whenever that is lol