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Tonedeff why auralaia?

What does auralaria mean? some one pleaxe explain

Re: why auralaia?

another newbie

browse for the answer


Yea so what? ive only know of tonedeff for a month, there is nothing wrong with that. And saying browse the site wanst a good answer you obviously know so why not just tell me?

Re: hey

someone is a bit snippy


Yeah, and what does FM stand for?!?!?!




(Just kidding img src=http// ALT=“8o”> )


Auralaria (Pronounced ‘r-uh-lar-ree-uh’), is a new word created by Tonedeff that is the title of his official website.

Auralaria is a combination of 3 seperate words

1. <span style=“text-decorationunderline”>Aura</span> - A distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing.

2. <span style=“text-decorationunderline”>Aural</span> - A. Of, relating to, or perceived by the ear. B. Of or pertaining to the air, or to an aura.

3. <span style=“text-decorationunderline”>Aria</span> - A.A solo vocal piece with instrumental accompaniment, as in an opera. B. An air; a melody.

These 3 words become significantly powerful when combined.

4. <span style=“text-decorationunderline”>Auralaria</span> - A. An open space where you can hear & feel and be heard & felt. [ie. As pertaining to Music] B. The title of the official Tonedeff site. C. A meeting place of Auralarians.

The term, <span style=“text-decorationunderline”>Auralarian</span> is a referential usage to a Tonedeff fan/supporter, [ie. Anyone who posts on this site, or Buys the music].

4b. <span style=“text-decorationunderline”>Auralarian</span> - An open minded, forward thinking music lover who listens to tonedeff’s music.

So, next time you hear/see someone referred to as an Auralarian on the site, you’ll know where & how it came to be. It’s something for the insiders to hold on to and be proud of. Almost in the same manner Grateful Dead fans refer to themselves as Dead Heads, or Tori Amos fans refer to themselves as Toriphiles.

Thanks for asking. The newbies were due for a refresher course. Enjoy! QN5 Music
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Re: Auralaria

haha thanx man, hey being new isnt a bad thing either, there is more to come and thats a good thing cause tone kicks ass 992.jpg style=border0;

Re: Auralaria

Im sayin tho…it gets mad annoying when new dudes r always askin basic questions…look around the websites and boards a little

THE #1 BEST WAY to find out info on anyone…is to browse their message boards from back in the day…especially the old Auralaria

Re: Auralaria

ya totally man i looked up lots of shit, but was just curious about that. 992.jpg style=border0;

Re: Auralaria

you can’t blame her/him^

board name is shady and has a g-unit sig

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