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Tonedeff Have yall heard of this cat…

...Dizzee Rascal from the UK? I got his CD and once you get by the voice (which is weird at first), he’s got some nice lyrics. He makes his own beats and makes fun of this other group of MGs (Master of Garbage) from UK who front like they are American “Thugs”. I just hope he doesn’t become a fad on MTV or something. His CD is title Boy in the Corner, give it a listen.

Oh, and since I am on a qn5 forum, let me give props where props are due, the White Albulum is the shit. Right now I’m waiting for Chico the Man and Archetype (I’ve over listened to Underscore, whats up with you and Arsenio Hall Tone, LOL!). Peace!—————————-
“I know you not thinking about bytin my rhyme, you outta yo mind, you’d need a telescope to see my range, ‘cause lyrically I’m divine. You don’t want none, I’ll end your career like you Re-run, stepping to me is futile ‘cause I’ve already won, I’m sick with it, all my foes must be dim witted, you battling me is like hitting a quadriplegic, I can’t feel it. Cats are talkin’ ‘bout how they shine, when that means their feeble minds reflect, like K-OS I absorb mad knowledge they can’t possibly get! I fathom they’re blinded by their own ice if they can’t peep my skill, sleeping on me is like sleeping on viruses, it’ll make ya body ill!” ~Sylent Khaos~

Re: Have yall heard of this cat…

I think i’ve heard of him. Is he the one that makes his beats on his PS2 ?

Re: Have yall heard of this cat…

OH god…....DIZZEE RASCAL? frontin about these UK emcees being fake thugs???

Try not to contradict himself to much mate?!? - and have you heard him live??? irritating peice of shit..

damn… mention sumone like him in a tonedeff forum is just disgusting…

‘Brand New Day’ had a dope ass beat…...but hes just a wanker….

Re: Have yall heard of this cat…

Dizzee Rascal is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, and the CD is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

production is ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip

<img ALT=“rollin”> “Just cuz of that hater shit/I’ll leave ya toe tagged like I spray painted it” - Deacon The Villain

Re: Have yall heard of this cat…

terrible. I am Jacks wasted life.
enter the white dyptych

Re: Have yall heard of this cat…

some of his tracks are aite, nothing special though.

the only pure UK MC I’m feeling is Roots Manuva, he’s dope as fuck.

but then they got a ton of Garage MCs that can rip that shit, Skibadee and Wiley for example. they bring it.
dope rappers they come and go, but legendary rappers linger…


Phi-Life Cypher are worth checking out too.

Re: ...

Yeah Phi type Sick

I don’t Pay Attention To uk Rappers I donno lol

Slick Rick?????????<< Da Dude

I like Original Rappers Fuck what beat they rap on as long they voice and lyrics match lol <div style=“text-aligncenter”>
krizalid-coolcool-intro.gif </div>

Re: ...

it’s funny cause i have a flyer with this guy dizee rascal on it it’s boy in the corner and he is sitting in the corner with his hands making almost like a devil horns with his fingers and it says fuck da glitz and glamma. but i never payed attention to it and i never heard of him then you reminded me that this flyer shit was on my floor hahahahahhaah ok i am done


Re: ...

was that irrelivant <div style=“text-aligncenter”>
qwert.jpg </div>
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