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Tonedeff TONE.. we need MORE shirts

there all sold out… I was tryin to order that black FYIRB shirt… but whenever yall get more in stock can you drop a topic in the forum so I know before they get sold out again..

oh yea.. how bout a record contract

Yea tone..

Make rich peoples’ lives easier but increasing the supply. We don’t feel like doing laundry so.. we’ll just cop a brand new one. *cough*

Re: Yea tone..

I got both colors of the FYIRB… you get all the dope shit at shows…

*brushes his shoulders off*

Re: Yea tone..

your cool for getting dope shit at shows


yeah…its about time for some new joints…..i refuse to wear my fyirb shirt to another show….i need something for the 30th <img ALT=”(”>