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Tonedeff What’s in the Qn5 pipeline?

What’s next on the agenda, gentlemen - what new material is on the way?

Btw - when is Qn5 going to come to the UK?


Re: What’s in the Qn5 pipeline?

the drop of Archetype is next on the list

Re: What’s in the Qn5 pipeline?

i thought it was the Cunnin single with Words(the greatest ever) and Rise

oh yea…dont ever mention dates and what-not with Archetype…just assume itll come out in 2 years and if it comes out before then…itll be that much better

Re: What’s in the Qn5 pipeline?

yes sir<img ALT=”|I”>

(i cant believe i have almost 80 posts already<img ALT=”)”> )

Re: What’s in the Qn5 pipeline?

word that is always dope when rise and words get together with anyone thats good so i know i am going to get that single <img ALT=“D”>


then there’s also stuff like…

kynfolk stuff
packFM - forever shine
CunninLynguists 3rd LP
ef@mm #2 (The Second Coming. Pause.) <img ALT=“D”>
SOS Solo stuff
Deac Solo stuff
Chico and the Man

that’s all I can think of

Re: You forgot these…

Session - Spicasso
Mecca - Sound & Fury
QN5 Music - Asterisk 3
The Plaque - Outbreak

Yeah, and what about that PackFM, Rise & Wordsworth Project?




Damn! Good stuff. A DVD? Wicked - is it going to have live recordings, anyone know? Are there any release dates for anything? (I’ve a feeling I shouldn’t be asking that lol)

Re: ...

i REALLY REALLY resent the fact that Deacon wants to put off any solo stuff and what-not

man his solo tracks r fucking FIRE…those 2 back-2-back tracks on Asterisk 1 are amazing…“Watch Yo Mowf” is so addictive…damn…i wish hed release a little CDR mixtape or somethin…i fiendin!